Wednesday, 14 January 2015

2015 Is Our Year

Happy New Year readers!

So we made it! We survived 2014 and now we're in the wonderful year of 2015! Now I'm not normally that bothered about New Year because it's just like you finish one day and it goes into the next day and all that's changed is the last digit on the year but this year it's different. If I said that I had a bit of a bad year last year it would be the under statement of the century so I'm kind of glad the past is in the past. Let's just pause a minute to marvel in my awesome Frozen quoting. Done? Okay. Before I get onto my New Years resolutions and stuff lets just talk about some of the amazing things that happened in 2014.

-Gay marriage became legal in 18 more states
-Tens of millions of people became obsessed with a math game
-Lupita Nyong'o moved everyone to tears with her Oscar speech about race
-Frozen became the highest grossing animated movie of all time. Nobody could stop singing "Let It Go" (they still can't)
-Millions of people dumped ice water over their heads for a good cause
-Scotland decided to stay with the UK
-Malala Yousafzai, a 17 year old from Pakistan became the youngest Nobel Peace Prize winner in history
-We landed on a comet
-Odell Beckham Jr made the greatest football catch of all time (probably not important to a lot of you but I like American football)
-More than 20 million people downloaded a podcast aboit an unsolved murder
-A Target worker fron Texas became a national obsession after his photo went viral (again probably not important buy dayum that boy was cute)
-After 8 years of construction, the Freedom Tower finally opened its doors
-Music royalty, Jay-Z & Beyoncé, met actual royalty, the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge
-A woman got a reply in a bottle over 20 years later

So let's put 2014 behind us now and move onto 2015. Now I don't normally make New Years resolutions but this year I've decided to change my ways and set some resolutions for myself. So let's get into them.

Resolution 1: Blog More.
When I started this blog last year I never thought it would take off like it has. I did set this goal when I started blogging but I wasn't really serious about blogging at the time but now I am. My first resolution is to blog more. So hopefully I'll be posting more blog posts more frequently! Yay!

Resolution 2: Get Fitter.
Now I'm not saying that I'm really unhealthy but if I have the choice between a piece of fruit and a pack of sweets, I'll go for the  sweets. I've decided that I want to be able to feel confident in an outfit I'm wearing whether that be a pair of jeans or a figure hugging dress and that isn't going to happen if I don't stop eating loads of bad food and not enough water.

Resolution 3: Be Happier.
Ask anyone who knows me if I'm happy all the time the answer will most likely be a big fat no and at the end of the day it's true. I'm rarely ever happy and I have so much to be happy and greatful for. So I've decided to try this thing.  Whenever I'm happy, having a good time or just generally want to do something to remember a moment I'm going to take a picture and hopefully by the end of the year I will have collected lots and lots of  pictures to share with you. I know I can't be happy all the time but I want to try and be as happy as I can.

Resolution 4: Tell People Them Three Little Words More.
We all know what words I'm talking about; I love you. I learnt that last year to take the people you love for granted and to tell them that you love them every single day. I very rarely say I love you to anyone and I really should. So whether it be over the phone or in person I'm going to tell someone I love them every single day.

I didn't want to go over board on the resolutions do I thought I'd start off with quite easy ones but they're resolutions none the less. Have you made any resolutions this year? If you have leave them below, I'd love to here them. 

So as we head into a new year I want you all to know I'm so thankful to every last one of you who reads this blog, I really am. I probably still wouldn't be blogging if it wasn't for you!

2015 is our years guys! We're going to achieve so much as individuals and as the little family we've created here. So let's show 2015 who's boss and do what we want to do and in the way we want to do it! 

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