Sunday, 19 April 2015

Tea Talk #2 | Exam Stress

So it's come to that time of the year. The time that everyone in world of school starts to stress. The words send shivers down our spines. Exam Week. It makes us feel sick just thinking about it. I'm currently studying for my Year 10 End of Year exams and the realization that these will affect whether I do higher or foundation GCSE's is only just sinking in...

Currently at this point in time when I get to my Year 11 GCSE's I'll have done or will be doing eleven GCSE's *gulp* which makes me feel a bit sick and stresses me out slightly but I know that it shouldn't get me as worried as I am.

As I sit here in my living room with my revision song, Without Love from Hairspray if you wanted to know, blasting through my headphones I'm currently trying to learn a four question French speaking exam and I'll tell you one thing; I feel like it's taking over my life. That's how hard I'm trying to learn this. I've learnt three of the four question though so it's just one more hurdle and I'm there but it's still making me stress like crazy!

I think that the one thing that is stressing me out and most likely stressing all of you out is wanting to impress your parents or other people in your family. I was actually sat in a restaurant the other day with my family and we were talking about how my mum wished she had done more in school and she was glad that I was doing and was most likely going to do well. I've always been labelled as the "intelligent one" in my family and that scares the hell out of me. I feel like I need to do well otherwise I'm going to disappoint everyone but I know that isn't the truth. Yeah sure, I guess my parents would think if I didn't do as well as I could have that I could have done better but I'm sure that they'd be totally supportive about my results as I'm sure all your parents and family members would be.

I've decided instead of focusing on the stresses of exams to give you some tips that I use when revising:
-Have a revision song; as I said I'm currently listening to Without Love from Hairspray which is my revision song. I think that if you have a speaking exam this is a great idea but I think it can work with an exam. I've remembered things much better by just listening to one song over and over again. Also, I think then that if you can quickly listen to the song you've been revising to before your exam it will relax you and make you feel slightly more confident. It doesn't work for everyone but it does for me
-Get them colours out; HIGHLIGHT. HIGHLIGHT. HIGHLIGHT. Get them fluorescent colours out and highlight all the important bits of information and I don't mean start painting the page. I mean highlight the key points you want to remember. If you're stuck on one particular thing highlight it. KEY PARTS. Highlight the bits you're struggling to remember highlight them, it'll make it much easier to remember.
-Take a break; Now unless you have photographic memory you're not going to be able remember everything in one go so remember to take breaks. Apparently your brain can only remember information in one period of time for 40 minutes before you start to wonder off to the land of the faeries. So after 40 minutes or so take a break; have a snack, go for a run, have a shower do whatever you want as long as your never surrounded in information for a whole day. I think you'll really benefit from it.

I hope these tips helped you and made you a bit more confident in your revision and exams. Remember don't stress too much! I'm here if you want to relive some stress, I'm going through what you're going through at the minute.

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