Tuesday, 21 July 2015

What To Do When You're Bored | Summer Edition

The first week of the Summer holidays are amazing but by the second week we're all sat around on our laptops watching YouTube videos for the 500th time, not that that's a bad thing but you can do that at midnight instead. Today I thought I'd share with you some things that you could do throughout the Summer. Let's get into it so you don't all die of boredom.

1. Invite your friends over for a pool party. If it's really warm as well get the barbecue out, get your music on and have the best Summer pool party of the century. 

2. Go to a theme park. They're loads of fun and you can create amazing memories.

3. Become a pro-photo taker. Don't really ask me how to do this because I am by no stretch of the mark a professional photographer.

4. Go for a bike ride, a long walk, a jog or even have a dance party. They're really fun and also help with fitness.

5. Make ice-cream or ice lollies, they're really fun to make and delicious to eat.

6. If you live within a short distance of the beach, go! If it's warm enough put your bathing suit on and go for a little swim with your family or a group of friends.

7. Learn a new skill. From baking to sports there's courses and videos on how to learn lots of new things. 

8. Make a Summer playlist because otherwise what are you going to do about your pool parties, barbecue's and dance parties?

9. Have a movie night. Whether it be with your friends or maybe a sister, brother etc. stick a film on and get some awesome snacks.

10. Create a blog! If you don't already have a blog I recommend you make one. You can document your Summer on it! 


  1. I love going on a bike trip. It really is fun and also quite healthy!
    Great post!

    Mary x

  2. Great post!! I really enjoy reading it hahaha, it´s very funny because I think similar things.
    I follow you by Google + honey, hope you visit me and if you like my blog follow me back or maybe we can follow by GFC. Your blog is really different =)
    Have a nice day sweety ^_^
    Lots of kisses from Spain

  3. Such amazing tips !


  4. These are some excellent ideas for things to do this summer. :)
    Last year I created a blog and it was one of the best things I could do.
    Thanks for the inspiration guys :)


  5. Not even going to lie may be kind of crazy obsessed with your blog literally gone through all your posts in 30 mins soo fab !!, would love for you to check out mine also you just gained a follower on Bloglovin ♥

    Have a lovely monday xx


  6. These are excellent tips. Im so glad I did number 10:)

    Stay fabulous x,
    Y // http://daristo-chic.blogspot.com/