Thursday, 31 December 2015

Welcome To The New Year.

I'm literally about to step out the door to go party the night away but I thought that I'd publish this blog post before I left. 2015 was an interesting year to say the least, on my behalf at least but I'm ready to leave that behind and say hello to 2016. Did we all have a good 2015? What was your highlight? What are you looking forward to this coming year? I want to know all the answers to all the questions below in the comments.

I did a similar thing last year and I'm going to do the same this year. So without further ado let's look back on the absolutely incredible things that happened in 2015...

-Same-sex marriage became legal in ALL 50 states
-The World Health Organisation declared the ebola epidemic was over
-Social Media split in half over the colour of a dress...P.S. it's blue and black
-Elizabeth II became the longest reigning monarch in the UK
-Adele released her new album 25 and sold 2.3 million copies within the first few days of release
-The world took a stand together when it came to terrorism when the City Of Lights turned off and we all lit up for them
-The YouTube community waited 3 years for the wedding of the century. Yes, ladies and gentlemen Janya (Jim Chapman & Tanya Burr) finally tied the knot
-NASA discovered water on Mars (I don't find it that interesting but you might)
-David Beckham played 7 football matches on all 7 continents in 10 days all in the aid of charity
-195 countries singed the world's first accord on climate change 
-Jamie Brewer changed the modelling industry by being the first model with Downs Syndrome to walk the catwalk
-Tom Brady set the record for most Super Bowl wins by a quarterback
-Mustafe Mawla stood blindfolded with outstretched arms on a busy street asking for trustful hugs because he was labelled as a terrorist for being Muslim. Dozens of passers-by of all ages, genders and colours, stopped and embraced him in a hug
-A World War II veteran had his birthday meal paid for by two others diners because of his service in the war

Now last year I made new year's resolutions and as always I didn't stick to them as most people do, I think it was because I don't have the commitment to stick to four resolutions so this year I've decided to make three. Just three simple resolutions that aren't that hard to stick to. Do you want to know said resolutions? Of course you do, or at least I'm guessing you do. So let me tell you my resolutions.

Resolution #1: Drink More Water
Now I'm not actually too bad at drinking water, I actually drink it a lot but this coming year I want to try and push myself to drink more than enough water because I have been slipping. I don't know whether to download an app that calculates how much water I need to and have drunk throughout the day. What do you think? Also, have you got any water measurement apps to recommend to me? Let me know in the comments below.

Resolution #2: Live Everyday As It Comes
Last year was an extremely shaky year, there's almost so many bad things that happened that I feel as if I've had my fix of bad things for a lifetime. Anyway, that's in the past and I'm ready not to always make plans. I'm ready to live in the moment, if bad things happen they happen and there's nothing I can do about it. I want to be able to freely do as I wish and live life as much as I can because last year I didn't get to do a lot of that and I'm done with that.

Resolution #3: Put Myself First
This might seem self centred but I'm not going to lie last year I put others before myself without thinking about myself or the consequences. A lot of the time this made me feeling extremely low about myself but not this year! This year if I want to put myself first and if I think situations call for it then I will. There's nothing to it. If you put too many people before yourself maybe we can share this resolutions.

There's one last thing I want to do, I want to thank you. Yes you sitting there reading this; THANK YOU! Thank you for sticking by me and my blog this year. It means a lot to me that even though my blog has been very up and down this year you've stuck by me and commented and favourited my tweets about new posts etc. Here's to the new year and all the exciting things to come! I love you all lots.

Sunday, 27 December 2015

What I Got For Christmas | 2015

So another year, another Christmas and to be completely honest I'm upset that the few days of festivities are over however, we still have New Years so I guess that's okay. Today I thought I'd share with you a few of the things that I received this year for Christmas from various people. I'm not going to go into specifics really seeing as we'd be here forever otherwise. Now for the disclaimer that you've probably heard about a thousand times this holiday period, I'm not trying to brag or boast about what I've received and I'm extremely grateful for all the things that I got. Seeing as that's now done let's get on with the blog post. 

So this year instead of asking for one main present this year I asked for lots of little bits and bobs which I kind of enjoyed more because it felt as if I received a lot more than usual.

So obviously I'm a bit of a beauty fanatic and was extremely glad with all the beauty and bath bits I received. A few of the beauty things I received was a haircare kit by TRESemmĆ© from a good friend of mine, Simple skincare bits because it's not Christmas for me without receiving a bit of Simple and then I received not one but TWO Ted Baker gift sets by another two of my friends which made me extremely happy and almost made me cry, no joke.

However, the most important beauty related gift was something that I've wanted for the longest time; makeup brushes! Now you're all probably thinking that I had makeup brushes but not nice ones like the ones I received from my parents this year. They're a beautiful 10-Piece Brush Set by a company called U-Spicy. I'd never heard about them until I was scrolling through Amazon and added them to my wishlist. I was over the moon to receive them. Just look at them, they're beautiful.

If anyone reading this knows me personally or well they'll definitely agree with me when I say I'm a bookworm, always have been and always will be. Every year I fill my wish list with books in hope to receive a lot of them, even though I never do other hundreds of pounds would be spent on books I do receive quite a few. The books I received are:

-The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare,
-The Shadowhunter's Codex by Cassandra Clare
(I really like Cassandra Clare's books and writing style)
-The Heir by Kiera Cass 
(I recommend The Selection to anyone who likes kickass Princess stories) 
-All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven
-The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald
(I loved the film so I'm excited to read the book)
-The Carrie Diaries by Candace Bushnell
(I've just finished the T.V. series which you all should watch so I'm excited to read the book)
-Girl Online On Tour by Zoe Sugg
(I obviously had to receive this and CANNOT wait to read this)

When it comes to clothing I am one of the most picky people known to man so I never receive a lot of clothing items at Christmas. I picked up this tartan scarf and this blue and white stripey sleep shirt with some of the money that my grandparents sent me and I love both of them so much, I cannot wait to wear them. Also, Christmas is never Christmas without socks so to receive 6 pairs of socks I was extremely happy. I heard something the other day about socks which I completely agree with, when you're younger you don't care about receiving socks but as you get older you appreciate and want them more which is true. A bit of a random gift I added in this picture is one of the two travel mugs one of my friends gave me, I've needed one of these for the longest time so when I opened them I was over the moon.

Some of the last things that I received were DVD's and a CD. I've watched all the DVD's that I received so I decided to get the copies so I could watch them again and again and again. The DVD's I was given were:

-Jersey Boys
-Annie (2014)
-Our Zoo (The BBC T.V. series)
-We Bought A Zoo
-The Theory Of Everything
-12 Years A Slave
-Tomorrowland: A World Beyond

I also only received one CD, Get Weird by Little Mix. The reason why I only received one was because I use Spotify so much that I never really see the point in owning CD's any more but I think I might start buying a few more, who knows.

Well there it is. My What I Got For Christmas 2015, I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you enjoyed your Christmas and got everything you want. What did you receive for Christmas? Let me know in the comments below. Love you all.

Friday, 25 December 2015

Merry Christmas.

I'm going to keep this short and sweet....hopefully. If you hadn't realised already it's Christmas Day and it is certainly the most wonderful time of the year. I just wanted to say a few words of thanks etcetera, etcetera so instead of having me rambling let's get on with it. 

Firstly, MERRY CHRISTMAS! I hope that you've all had an absolutely wonderful day and have received everything you wanted and more because you all deserve it so, so much! Let me know what you've gotten in the comments, I'd absolutely love to know!

Next I want to say thank you to all of my wonderful readers. Thank you for all the support this year, for reading my blog posts, commenting on my posts etcetera, etcetera. It means the world to me that you've stuck by me even when I didn't upload a lot of blog posts!

I love you all so much and can't wait to carry on this journey with you all! I hope your day gets better and better so I'll leave you now to carry on having a wonderful Christmas! I'm going to get back to unwrapping presents and watching Strictly Come Dancing.

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Christmas Catchup #2 | Baby It's Cold Outside

So I have finally finished with school for Christmas and let me tell you, I am more than happy to hear that. You know what that means, don't you? Yes I do not have to set foot into school until next year and Christmas is getting so much closer! YAY! So do you want to know what I've been up to over the past week or so? Then let's get on with the blog post.

So the last week of school was Christmas packed from singing at an old people's home with singing group to the Christmas concert, which I loved, I finally finished the week of on Friday with a half day which was highly pleasing. I rushed home from school and quickly got changed to catch the train. Where to you might ask? Well if you couldn't tell from the collage up above I went to Derby with my Mum and two sisters to finish off Christmas shopping. It was great until I started coughing my lungs up, that's right ladies and gentlemen I have become ill the week before Christmas and still am. However, it isn't going to stop my Christmas.

Ooo I have an exciting update for all you Star Wars fans!! I've never really been a big Star Wars fan but after watching the trailer when going to watch Spectre the other month I decided that I had to watch the films so I recorded them all from the Star Wars Sky channel and started watching them. So far I've watched the first three and out of all of them Return Of The Jedi is my favourite. I seriously want an Ewok, no word of a lie!

What else has been happening? On Sunday I went to my local rugby club to their annual Christmas party. Fun fact: I used to play full contact rugby! Until my hips started hurting and I decided I didn't particularly like the mud haha. Anyway, I had a great time even though I was coughing my lungs up. It made me feel all Christmassy.

Yesterday, I was a machine. I finished making the last touches to the house for Christmas by sticking snowflakes on the windows which takes forever but is one of my favourite things to do. I then decided to do a massive pre-Christmas tidy of my room, you'll know about this if you follow me on Twitter. I've almost finished it's just all the small bits that I'm trying to find places for so I'm almost all ready for the big day.

I'm now currently watching the end of Love Actually and planning blog posts for next year, very exciting. So I'll leave you now and hope that we get to catch up soon! Love you all!

Baby It's Cold Outside

Saturday, 12 December 2015

Christmas Catchup #1 | It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

I tried to do Blogmas and then my laptop broke so after pondering for a few about what to do which was quite relaxed throughout December I've settled upon this idea, Christmas Catchup. Basically the point to these blog posts is to talk about anything I want that happens throughout the month of December. Does everyone understand? Oh also I've decided to throw my schedule out the window for the rest of this year and upload whenever I want so I could be blogging a lot or a little, who knows?

So what has my December consisted of so far? Quite a lot actually when I come to think about it. Let's start with the school stuff first, shall we? I finished my first set of mocks on the 2nd which I was ecstatic about seeing as sitting in a cold hall wasn't my idea of fun, I can't imagine that it's anyone's idea of fun to be completely honest and I get the results from them on Monday, the 14th for any of you wondering so that means that I can then send off my sixth form application. YAY, grown up things! What other school things have been happening? Oh yeah I remember! Seeing as during the last school year I missed a lot of school due to injury I've been catching up on coursework so that's awfully exciting as well as starting the coursework that I've got to complete this year. Big year this one is, you know the whole Year 11 thing.

What's up next on the December agenda? Extra curricular things? Yeah we'll do that. So on Wednesday I got out of school for a few hours to go and sing to the elderly people at our local elderly peoples home. Minus a few technical difficulties it was really good and I had a great time making a lot of people happy at this time of year.

THE DECORATIONS ARE UP! I REPEAT THE DECORATIONS ARE UP! Yes people, on November 30th myself, my sisters and mum donned our house in Christmas attire and if I do say so myself it looks beautiful. They're lights everywhere and the trees are up and the wrapping paper is piling high as presents make their way under the tree. Here's a few sneaky peeks of my house for y'all. Do you decorate your house so it looks like Santa's grotto or not? I'd love to know!

I've got lots of things in store for the rest of December especially seeing as I finish next Friday, whoop whoop! So keep your eyes peeled for more of these Christmas Catchups!

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas