Sunday, 17 January 2016

Tea Talk #8 | Obsessed With Numbers

Now my tea talks were very absent on my blog towards the end of last year so I've decided that this year I'm going to do a monthly "Tea Talk". If you're new to my blog I'll explain what "Tea Talk" is. Basically I take a topic recommended to me by a fellow blogger, blog reader etc or a topic close to my heart and discuss it. Why? Because sharing opinions are extremely important to me and I think we've been given the opportunity to voice our opinions and that's exactly what we should do…

We can now finally get into the blog post, yay! You could all probably see that I was absent on Wednesday, one of my uploading days, the reason for that is because I was going to write a blog post that was very close to my heart and I didn't have time. I didn't want to rush said blog post so I decided to leave it for Tea Talk.
I've decided that today I'm going to talk about everything to do with the body. No, I'm not giving you a biology lesson. Trust me if you want one of those you need to go find someone else to teach you. What I'm actually going to talk about is body confidence, body shaming and everything else to with the way I and most others feel about the millions of atoms that make us, us.
If you follow me on Instagram (shameless self promo: here's the link) you'll have probably seen the classic New Years Eve outfit picture that I posted. If you didn't here is said photo....
I'm not going to lie, I felt so self conscious wearing this outfit let alone posting a photo of me in it. I've always had an issue with my weight whether people know it or not, when I was younger I was quite slim and then I got older and got hips and boobs, as most girls do but along came this excess weight round my stomach that I didn't want so I've always hid it.
I bought the playsuit from the photo about three years ago and have never worn it. I would always go to put it in my "give to charity" pile when sorting through my wardrobe and tell myself that I'd wear it. New Years just gone came around and I got invited to a last minute party which therefore meant I had to find something to wear. As always I brushed the thought of wearing the playsuit quickly out my mind but came back to it.
After much deliberation and a bit of sewing I slipped the playsuit on and felt the most self conscious that I've ever felt. However, as I stood looking in the mirror with my hair and makeup done and wearing this playsuit with some killer heels I started to realise that wearing baggy shirts was doing nothing for my confidence. I don't have an awful body and I was hiding it away.
With extremely shaky hands I snapped a photo of my self conscious state and uploaded the photo to Instagram in fear that I'd get a stream of awful comments but they never came. A day or so after uploading that photo a comment showed up in my notifications, apprehensively I opened the comment and was overcome with joy from said comment.

Marianna, Crazy In Life in the blogosphere, had posted the comment that you can see above. It really touched me that fellow blogger, that I guess that I've become slightly closer with through Instagram DM's, comments and Twitter conversations, had taken the time out to spread the slightest bit of positivity.

I later sent her a DM thank her a lot more than my replied comment had. We then started talking about body confidence and spreading positivity. I went out that night and felt the most confident that I actually probably ever had. I think it was Marianna's comment that made me feel like that and I was so glad that she made me feel like that. I don't want to share what we said because it's a private conversation but that's where the inspiration for this blog post came from. So thank you Marianna. I think that you should most definitely check Marianna's blog out, here's the link.

So you've heard how I felt about my body and the confidence that I didn't have but later on had all because of a few words shared between bloggers. I now want to talk to you seriously about us girls and our confidence.

We've grown up and are still growing up in a society in which we are told we have to be a size 0 but truth be told not even the models on those expensive magazine's that we all seem to be obsessed with aren't even size 0, it's called photoshop. We've all seemed to become obsessed with the number on the scales but let me tell you something, YOU'RE MORE THAN THAT NUMBER! 

You are a beautiful, magnificent, stunning human being and you need to remember that. Next time you're worried about what others will think of how you look in a new shirt or even a playsuit that you've owned for three years and never put on...don't. What matters is how you feel within yourself, don't listen to the people who are trying to put you down because they're seriously not worth it. Every time someone puts you down remember you are an absolutely amazing person who deserves to be loved by all and if someone can't accept the way that you are then they're not someone that you should have in your life.

I love you all and every single inch of you!


  1. Thank you so much once again for including me in this blog post. I wouldn't be able to write this in such an inspirational way. And also don't you ever feel self conscious ever again!

    Marianna X

  2. This is such a lovely post! You are honesty so pretty and you rock that outfit ( I promise I am not jus my saying that) I know exactly how you feel after going through an eating disorder my self! You are never alone if you ever need a chat, I am always here x

    Nicole x
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