Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Childhood Memories. | Collab w/Charlotte C

If you've been reading my tweets over the past few days you'll know that I've been feeling extremely emotional and that's all because on Friday I performed in my last ever school musical at my high school, even writing that makes me feel like crying. My performing arts family means everything to me and knowing that we'll never perform together again breaks my heart. Anyway, I'll tell you what relevance this has to this blog post as I stop crying over my keyboard. After the musical finished I found all my childhood photos and started thinking about my childhood along with all the great memories I have from it and seeing as I'm turning 16 in two weeks (SCARY) I thought that I'd share with you some of my childhood photos and some of my favourites things from my childhood. I'm not going to lie I have no clue how much writing I'm going to do to go along with this blog post at the moment, I might come back and edit it who knows? Also, before I forget this a collab with the beautiful Charlotte C from Pastel Beauty, go check her out; her photography is stunning!

I love a good photo or two and when I came across all my childhood photos I was literally so happy. I thought I'd share a few favourites of mine.

I tell you I was an animal when it came
to outdoor rocking horses.

Who knew a blanket could make a girl so happy?

A budding artist.

Playing princesses with my older sister.
I loved Snow White.

My best friend and I at a Christmas play.
Yes, she's wearing curtains.
Yes, our parents are obsessed with this photo.

What a bunch of posers.

The posers are back...

Daddy's little girl.

The cold never bothered us anyway.

I'm basically David Attenborough, just look at me.
Ready for adventure.

And here we have one of the most dangerous creatures alive,
oh and there's a komodo dragon.

This was the birthday where our parents deciding to buy relighting candles.
Longest five minutes of my life...

I'm still slowly learning to love the beach.

I was quite happy to be left alone with my ice lolly.

This is one of my favourite photos.
Me and one of my best friends at our Holy Communion.

Just keep swimming is always the motto in this house.

Something that I remember from my childhood is all the amazing television shows that we're on! I remember that 'The Tweenies' was always my favourite so much that to this day I still own a stuffed version of the character Jake; he was always my favourite, actually he still probably is. Another show that I remember was '64 Zoo Lane', even as I type that I've got the theme tune going through my head. As a child it was always my dream to live next to a zoo so I could live like the girl in the show and slide down the giraffes back. Now I think about it, it was a bit unrealistic.

Another thing that I always remember was that days out used to be so much better in my 6 year old mind and it always would make me really sad when we had to go home. However, I always remember getting home, dressing up in my Snow White costume (the one in the photo above) and playing pretend with my sisters for hours on end. I think that's what made my childhood so amazing, I had some great sisters who were always willing to play doctors or teachers or whatever came into my mind.

I really loved it when I used to do school plays because we always used to take them so seriously. I mean we'd all get really excited when parts were chosen. When I got Mary I was so excited that when my mum came to pick me up that day I ran out of school to tell her and she had to catch me so I didn't fall over. Now I think back to it, it was quite funny. Also, I remember in Year 6 when we did our end of year play and we did 'Oliver.' I was so nervous because I had the opening lines to the play and was afraid I was going to mess it up so one of my best friends drew me a picture to wish me luck; I still have that drawing.

It's actually mental to think actually that if I hadn't moved from Wales that I wouldn't know my best friends or have the same memories. As I come to the end of my high school experience I've realised just how precious friendships are no matter the age gap, I'm so glad I took part in my high school's school musicals because without them I wouldn't be friends with so many people or be as emotional as I am. Would I like to eventually stop crying whenever someone mentions Les Misèrables? Of course, but for now I'm happy that I have them emotions to remind me of how great my childhood's been.

Remember don't forget to check out Charlotte's blog post and blog in general. Until next time!

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  1. Those childhood photos are adorable. You were adorable. Too much cuteness haha

    Marianna x