Wednesday, 2 March 2016

All The Birthday Celebrations | The Outfits Edition

It's Wednesday and as promised on Sunday I am back with another birthday related blog post. This time it's all to do with the birthday celebrations that I had the week leading up to my birthday. However, I'm going to talk about what I did for my birthday but also include some outfit photos from the birthday celebration that I went to. So without further ado let's discuss my birthday one last time, I do feel as if I've prolonged it for long enough haha. I'd also just like to say that these photos have been taken on different cameras for different social media platforms so there is no continuity within this photos.

Now I did talk about my birthday celebrations throughout the week during my Half Term Tales so if you want to know about all the banter that went on you'll have to check those out because trust me a lot went on during my birthday celebrations. Anyway, the first sort of birthday celebration that I had was a meal at Nando's with five of my friends because one of them was out of the country for my birthday. I went for full on dressy in my little sisters black dress with velvet detailing from New Look and a pair of black suede heeled boots from Deichmann. I absolutely loved this night and this outfit; it made me feel sassy and sophisticated at the same time.

Next up was my official birthday celebration with my friends in which we went to the cinema to watch How To Be Single, which was hilarious when we eventually were allowed into the screen - read my Half Term Tale #6 to find out more about that, and then we went for a meal after at a new restaurant that's opened up in my town - Bella Italia which is an Italian restaurant if you couldn't tell with two of my friends who had been at Nando's on Tuesday. I went for a more dressy casual look for that celebration seeing as I also want to be comfortable in the cinema. I wore jeans from Primark, my heels from Deichmann and this green criss cross top which I'm actually not sure where it's from. I really loved this outfit but I did feel a bit like I was a bit on show with the top. I also wore this out to a meal with my grandparents the day after.

Onto my actual birthday. Now I had got no clue on what I was going to wear and was sure I was just going to have to settle on a dress I'd worn a few days before at another party, as gorgeous as it was I didn't particularly feel as if I was going to feel as good as I could. Then a miracle happened, I went into BHS and found the most perfect, sassy and sophisticated dress...EVER! It was a black bodycon dress with a white collar, it comes just below my knees and I absolutely love it! I put this on on my birthday with my pair of black heeled boots from Deichmann and felt absolutely amazing, it's probably one my favourite outfits that I've ever worn. I had a great time out with my family and had a great time in this dress, I'll definitely be wearing it again!

So I know that this wasn't the most exciting blog post ever but I've been busy with mocks this week so this was a quick one to write. I hope you enjoyed seeing the outfits that I wore throughout my birthday celebrations, until next time!


  1. I still can't believe how amazing you looked in all those outfits! Each of the dress were so pretty, but I think I really loved the first one, from New Look.
    Happy Birthday yet again! I had to write it here hahaha

    Marianna x

  2. Happy belated birthday, Chloe!

    You looked amazing in every dress #goals

  3. i just follow your blog.nice work <3