Sunday, 27 March 2016

Tea Talk #9 | In The Words Of Hugh Grant...

You all probably think that I'm absolutely mental with the title being about Hugh Grant but hear me out, this makes sense - trust me. So if you've all watched the best Christmas movie EVER, Love Actually, you might have a slight idea as to what I'm talking about. In the opening scene at the airport Hugh Grant says a little speech in a voiceover which ends with him saying something along the lines of 'I find that love actually is all around.' This is what today's Tea Talk is about; love actually is all around so let's get into the blog post.

Love is actually quite a difficult emotion to explain. The reason why? Because there are so many different types of love. The dictionary doesn't have just one definition for love either because there are hundreds upon hundreds of kinds of love. There's platonic love, lust instead of love, passionate love, family love, friendship love - the list goes on forever and ever until it rides off into the sunset.

Hugh Grant didn't specify what type of love was right or wrong within his opening monologue of Love Actually and in a way I'm glad. There's so much taboo surrounding what love is right and wrong and what we should do about love and what we shouldn't blah blah blah blah blah. I'm almost sick and tired of it to be honest. If you want to love someone - love them, no matter what people say or think. Love someone in secret, love someone out loud, love someone however you want to love someone. If you love a girl, love a girl. If you want to love a guy, love a guy. If you want to love someone thirty years older than you, love someone thirty years older than you. Love whoever you want to love and don't give a damn about what other people think.

It's taken years and years for people to realise that love is love no matter who it's between and it still seems to be an issue in certain places of the world which annoys me so much. People died for what they believe in; for loving others equally no matter gender or sexuality. We were taught to stand up for what we believe in and no matter what people think I believe that we should all stand up for each other and the people we love. Controversial opinions? Maybe but I couldn't care less.

Last thoughts? Love. Love widely, love deeply, love a whole bunch. Love your family and friends and girlfriends and boyfriends. Just love and don't forget to love because it's one of the only certainties in life that we'll get to love people. 

So there you go; another tea talk and more opinions. Are there any topics you'd life me to discuss in the future? Leave any suggestions below and I'll be sure to check the comments out.

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