Saturday, 9 July 2016

PROM | The Photos

If you didn't read my last blog post you probably won't know that I went to prom on June 24th, if you didn't read that blog post you can read it here. Anyway, I thought that I'd share with you the photos that I took and others took from prom. There's a fair few photos so let's just get right into this blog post, there's no dily-dalying today!

So there it is my prom experience through photos, I loved prom so much and it exceeded all my expectations! I definitely think that was due to all the people in the photos, I love them all a whole lot and can't believe that we won't be in the same school together next year! If anyone from my school is reading this, thank you the past five years and thank you for an absolutely amazing prom night, you all looked stunning!

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  1. You look STUNNING! I can't get over how pretty your dress is! All your friends look beautiful too! I am glad you had an amazing night xxx

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