Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Instagram Diary | July

Hello. Hi. How you doin'? I'm here with an almost month late blog post. Today's post, if you couldn't tell from the massive photo above me, is my July Instagram Diary. July was a very selfie heavy month so without further ado let's get into this blog post but not before of self promo. If you're not following me on Instagram you definitely should be; here's my link @chloe_marie.x

// great couple of days at sixth form induction with these #group5goals //

| love a good old american diner |

// flower gleam and glow //

// love a dirty mirror selfie //

| this was just over a month ago, take me back... | (@cora.jasmin)

// baths will always be my first love //

// no matter how stupid i look in this i will forever love this child unreal amounts // (@_aimeebird_)

| throwback to new years + my now deceased playsuit, you are missed |

FOUR WORDS: THIS NEEDS TO STOP. 🙏🇫🇷🙏 #PrayForNice#NiceAttack #PrayForTheWorld#PrayForHumanity

// still undecided about this photo //

| 📷chosen by@lauren.bird_98 |

// outfit assured by@keiragresty //

// So the time has come joshua to say goodbye. Good luck in oxford, you're going to do amazingly well! You've never failed to make me laugh even if I'm not in the best of moods or the situation doesn't call for it. I feel as if you're my younger (taller) brother so I couldn't possibly let you get away without me embarrassing you with some of my personal favourite photos I've captured over the many years of knowing you. I'll miss you like crazy, love you!😓💖 // (@lowecorp)

| i could definitely live in weather like this |

// tb to when i had to do that school thing //

So there it is, my well overdue Instagram Diary for July. There probably won't be one for August because of my phone issue but we'll see. Oh wait, you don't know my phone issue, basically the phone that you see in all these mirror selfies broke and now I have to use a crappy one because my phone company won't help me with the issue at all even though I didn't do anything to break the phone, it literally just wouldn't turn on with a full charge! I even bought a new battery to see if that was the issue...it was not. Anyway, until next time!!

Monday, 15 August 2016

My High School Experience.

Five years. 247 weeks. 1,726 days.

That's it. That was high school. In the past couple of months I've really been able to reflect on high school and my experience of the whole ordeal. I thought today I'd create a very large blog post instead of lots of little ones of advice, tips, experiences etc. about high school in order to try and depart some wisdom on all of you whether you're in high school or are starting high school. So let's together dive into five years of trials, tribulations and triumphs of high school.

My high school experience was definitely no walk in the park. It definitely wasn't anything like High School Musical or The Breakfast Club, I mean there definitely were not any Zac Efron's or Judd Nelson's. I've split my high school experience advice into three topics; love, friendship and education because I feel as if they were the three topics that popped into my head whilst thinking about high school.

Learning About Love.
Love is a many splendored thing. Love lifts us up where we belong. All you need is love. If you know where that quotes from 10 Blogging Points to you haha. Anyway, I'm not claiming to be an expert on love but during my five years at high school I have been in two official relationships, one for six months in Year & and one in Year 8 & 9 (yes, I dated the same guy twice). Technically I was almost in three relationships but that's a very confusing thing to get into. So I remember thinking that the first guy I dated I loved and was going to marry him, it was far from it. I think the reason I thought this was because I'd really liked him since he'd come to my primary school in Year 3 and it was just an inevitable thing that we were going to date. What I think everyone should learn from their first relationship really is that you're probably not madly in love with the person you're dating, you just think you are because it's your first relationship. I also think that I've learnt that you shouldn't enter a relationship because everyone else thinks you should but because you want to otherwise you're just lying to the person you're with about liking them. My final piece of advice about love is that don't think that because you're not in a relationship and your friends are don't think you're not worth it because you are, lots of people aren't in relationship in high school so don't think you're alone in it. Boys really aren't worth it at the end of the day to be honest.

Friend Or Foe?
Making the leap from primary school to high school can really teach you about who your real friends are. Personally friendship for me was a real issue throughout high school. In Year 7, 8 and 9 I was in a different form to my main friendship group and I genuinely found it extremely hard to adjust to not being with them every single hour of the school day. I found it that hard that difficult that I tried to fit in with a group of girls that were in my form. It was awful. All I can say about that is that if you want to be friends with people who aren't really in your form or classes then make the effort because it'll be worth it. Towards the end of my school experience so from the middle of Year 10 until the middle of Year 11 I was quite badly injured with ligament damage in my ankle; I was on crutches, I couldn't get up to our science building, I had to go to numerous physio sessions and nothing was getting better. It got to the point where people who I thought were my friends were apparently talking badly about me behind my back. This was really hard for me to deal with if I'm all that honest, I was sad all the time and most days I'd come home from school and cry about it. Whether the things said were true or not it really taught me something, be careful who you share private information and secrets with because if I the things that were said about me were true I wouldn't have told some people the things I did. 

Party Animal Or GCSE Extraordinaire?
So the final element of advice that I'm going to give you is actually what we go to school for; the education. Over the past five years I feel as if I've really found the correct balance between having a social life and a good education. I wasn't the most popular person in school but there were always extracurricular events that I wanted to be involved in which definitely ate into revision time like the school musical. I really had to home in on what I felt was most important which sometimes meant not being able to do things that I really wanted to do. One thing that I found not from personal experience but from over hearing it was that partying and GCSE's do not mix well. There were people in my year who's grades would suffer because they went to too many parties. I guess my advice here is to really take into account just how important your grades are, I mean thy'll probably be plenty of parties during the Summer so why take the chance with your grades? I'm not saying that you can't go to parties but definitely prioritise. It's all about what your main priority is.

I think that's about it to be completely honest. What are your pieces of high school advice? Let's start a discussion; leave your most important piece of advice that you'd give to high school you now if you had the chance.

Sunday, 7 August 2016

The Good, The Bad + The Ugly | The Pro's + Con's Of Blogging.

With me having blogged for two years now I feel as if I've really zoned in on all the pro's and con's that I've met when it comes to blogging. I thought that today I'd share those pro's and con's with you if you're thinking of starting a blog, have recently just started blogging or are an old timer and can agree with my personal opinion of the pro's and con's of blogging. I'm suspecting that this is going to be a rather long blog post so grab a snack or a drink, maybe go wild and grab both before you sit here and read this post. I've come up with four pro's and four con's for blogging. Let's start with the pro's shall we?

1. I get to write about things I really love and I can discuss topics which I think are important.
This is kind of where my 'Tea Talk' series come into play because once a month I can sit down and share my opinion on anything I feel strongly about. I've talked about body confidence, friendship problems, losing someone close to you, mistakes not defining us as people and a whole host of other important topics to me. I really love being able to talk about things that I love or inspire me or I feel as if the topic isn't talked about enough. When I first started my blog I found it difficult to discuss important topics to me because I didn't want to offend anyone but finding a way to discuss them in a creative way really has been helpful. People have DM'ed me on social media telling me that topics I've discussed have been quite inspiring. That's what I think is really great about blogging, if I can inspire one person I feel as if I've done something useful with my blog.

2. I get to make new friends, all the time.
This is definitely the one thing that I wouldn't trade in for the world when it comes to blogging. People I thought I'd never be friends with in the blogging world I'm friends with. I mean if you told me a few months ago that me and Marianna, from Crazy In Life, were going to be such good friends that we're Facebook friends and we live in different countries I probably would've laughed. I love being able to connect with other bloggers and talk to them about things that they genuinely understand. Being able to share tips and tricks, lend advice and discuss what I had for dinner with fellow bloggers is pretty fricking cool if you ask me. If you've just started out blogging, don't be afraid to talk to bloggers with more followers than you or even the other way round, we're all trying to do the same thing; have a voice on a small area on the Internet. So message that blogger you've been scared to do so for months.

3. There are no restrictions, I can do what I want on my blog.
This is my corner on the Internet and unless I decide to give it up (which I'm not planning on doing) no one can take it away from me. If I wanted to write a blog post on my favourite vegetables, which I'm not going to, I could because this is my blog. It probably wouldn't get many reads but it's what I would want to post and if I want to post a blog post I can. This is something that I've slowly started to realised over my two years of blogging and I'm glad I have because things like my Tea Talk series I would've never thought of posting if I hadn't realised that the only person restricting me from uploading those posts was me.

4. My blog is something I can look back on and be proud out of my mind about it.
Even though I'm nowhere near ready to pack in blogging I do love to look back on blog posts that are particular favourites of mine. As I grow my blog there are more blog posts that I love to go back and read. It's kind of like reading other bloggers posts that you really love but you can feel even prouder about the posts because you've written them. It sounds like a weird pro to blogging but when I read a blog post that has taken me forever to plan, write, photograph and upload I'm really filled with this sense of pride because I've pushed through and done it.

Now let's dive into the less glamorous, more negative side that I've found from blogging.....

1. Criticism is constant, not from others but yourself. 
I'm that person who when I publish a blog post and go back to it I sometimes can't help but feel I could've made the post better. I get that you can edit blog posts but sometimes I feel as if they just don't turn out the way I want them to and can't help but feel as if they'll never be where I want them to be. I think it's due to the stress. As a younger blogger I'm really trying to make my mark in the blogosphere without being compared to older, more experienced, well established bloggers. It's like people are constantly fighting for elbow room to be the best and when you see someone's blog the way you want yours it can really give you a blow.

2. You have to phrase things in a way that won't offend anyone.
This is something that's always been quite easy for me but has become quite tedious. It's so easy to offend someone with what you say that you really have to think about the way you're going to phrase something. I think that it's quite easy to offend people these days in the simplest of ways and it's quite annoying when you have to spend an hour or so on a paragraph for your blog because you don't want your point to come across wrong. There's always going to be someone that you offend because they just won't agree with your opinion but it is becoming quite tedious in trying not to offend the smallest group possible.

3. When you hit the bloggers block wall, you hit it hard!
I've hit bloggers block many a time in my blogging experience and something I've figured out is that when I hit that wall, I hit it really hard. Even if I've got scheduled posts, if I don't know how to write the post then it's difficult to do it. Then because I can't write one post I can't write any others, it's actually quite bad. That's why sometimes I don't upload for weeks at a time. Is there any way to get over this? Can any fellow bloggers give us all some advice?

4. Comparison to other bloggers is a nightmare!
I've had this happen once or twice in my blogging days and it's the biggest confidence knock I think I've ever had in my time of blogging. It's not from other bloggers either or from people online but from people I know personally. When I was in school people who would find my blog would first compliment my blog saying it was really good and then go on to say something like "Oh yeah your blog's like Zoella's." Now not that I have a problem with my blog being compared to bigger blogger's such a Zoella, even though my blog is nothing like it, it kind of annoys me. This is because I'm trying to create a unique place where I share my thoughts and ideas but it feels as if I can't because there's constant comparison to other bloggers. Am I the only one who feels this way?

There is one thing about blogging that I can never decide whether it's a pro or a con...

Please tell me I'm not the only person who thought of Mr Brightside upon reading that haha. Just me? Okay then. Anyway the reason why I can never decide if jealousy is a pro or con of blogging is because it can make you want to work harder for what you want to get out of blogging. However, the con of it is that if you read a blog from a blogger you know personally you can almost be a bit annoyed that they've done something better than you in their blogging career but it can also make you extremely proud. There's a real difficulty in deciding whether or not jealousy is a good or bad thing for bloggers...What do you all think???

So congratulations if you've made it through this blog post, I know it was a long one. What have you found to be the pro's and con's of blogging? I'd love your take on it. Until next time!

Style Icon | Festival Forward

Coachella. Glastonbury. V Festival. They have lots of things in common; the music, the atmosphere but also the fashion. Flowy dresses, flower crowns and bright prints. Sounds like perfection doesn't it? I went to something called FakeFest which was a festival but with tribute bands and I took a lot of inspiration from festival styles on Pinterest. I thought today I'd bring back the 'Style Icon' blog posts with a festival forward fashion blog post.

This is dress is absolute goals. I always worry about people wearing white or a dress at a festival, it just seems like a dangerous place to go to in something as pretty as this dress but I was completely wrong. This flowy white dress with the floral lace detailing on it really gives off that festival vibe. The simplicity of the outfit by pairing it with the tan ankle boots and the tan bag really makes it look effortless but well put together. If I could go to a festival I think this is a definite outfit that I would try to pull off, whether I could or not is a different question all together...

This is definitely where my inspiration for my FakeFest outfit. The shorts with the flannel shirt and the casual tee's are just so classic but throwing in the bandanna or flower crown (I opted for a flower crown) really brings the outfit together and gives it a more festival vibe. Not only are these outfits comfortable they look effortless and timeless. I feel as if if you're going to a long weekend/week festival then this is a definite outfit to take with you. Just look at it!

Layers. I never thought layers would be a thing a thing at festivals, I always thought it was kind of wear as little as possible to keep you from getting too sweaty (probably TMI but it happens). Anyway. I think the way this festival outfit is styled is absolutely perfect. There isn't a whole lot of colour or craziness going on but it just looks so classic and effortless. The subdued colours of the browns in the bag and boots really matches the khaki green colour of the jacket, which I am absoluely in love with - I need to find one like it! I really love the pop of colour from the shirt underneath and the shorts are a go to festival item. Everything about this outfit ties together so well.

It would be considered blasphemous if I wrote a festival full blog post and didn't include the Queen of Coachella, Vanessa Hudgens. Every time Coachella comes around I wait in anticipation to see what the Vanessa is wearing because she looks absolutely stunning and basically sums up Coachella in an outfit. I especially love this outfit that she wore, everything just ties together so well. The bright colour of the romper is really set off by the tan colour of hat and the turquoise of the statement bracelet worn. This outfit kind of shows me that using lots of colours in your outfits does really work if you get the right mix and ratio of colour. (P.S. loving the sneaky photobomb from Austin Butler in this photo, my man crush every Monday)

So there you go, another Style Icon blog post which makes you all now want to go to Coachella. Have you ever been to a festival? If so what one and what did you wear? Let me know so I can be all jealous about it!

Saturday, 6 August 2016

Tea Talk #10 | Is Social Media A Good Thing?

Instagram. Twitter. Snapchat. Facebook. YouTube. All social media platforms which are adding to an ever growing list of apps keeping us attached to our phones 24/7. It's not really until recently that I've realised how much I rely on my phone. See my phone's broken and it got me thinking that I rely on my phone for almost everything; texting, posting Instagram photos, Googling pointless questions. Then I started thinking about the question this blog post is based on; Is Social Media A Good Thing? I thought that I'd share my thoughts, views and opinions with you all in another tea talk. You can jump in on the conversation by commenting on this blog post below.

I use many platforms of social media; I have a private Facebook account for friends and family, I have an Instagram account which I'm obsessed with, I own a Twitter account in which I tweet/retweet the most random things and many other social media accounts which I probably don't even remember I own half the time. When my phone broke I really realised just how much I rely on these platforms for basically everything; I find out news on Facebook, keep up with how my friends are on Twitter, post every significant life event on Instagram. It's quite crazy to think just how much I rely on these  social media platforms I'm involved in.

Then I started to think about whether using all these social media platforms almost everyone uses are really all that good for us. Being a blogger I'm constantly on social media, tweeting about my blog posts or reading others but I've slowly started to realise that when I step back from being a blogger I'm still forever on social media. It's like my life completely surrounds the Internet which is a worrying thing. I mean it's great when I find out important news or catch up with a friend I haven't seen in so long but apart from that it can be quite toxic. I mean this in the sense that we all read things on the Internet that we believe in purely because it's on the Internet, whether this be a rumour about a celebrity or an argument between two friends. I feel as if we've all become so blinded because of the Internet we'll almost believe anything we read.

Now I'm not saying that everything about social media and the Internet is bad, I mean people use the Internet everyday for good reasons. People on the Internet are able to share their opinion freely everyday and really have the chance to make a difference. Worldwide hashtags get thrown about the place promoting positivity and necessary changes which are needed in the world. I feel as if this is the side of the Internet that gets forgotten about for the simple fact that positivity and change doesn't bring any drama to the table whereas a good old rumour mill does. I think this is the issue that I've been having with social media that I have only now figured out by being away from my phone; the Internet just isn't positive enough. That's why I've decided to try ans start being a positive as I can on all my social media platforms. I feel as if that's the only way I can make my extremely tiny, minuscule corner of the Internet more positive.

I definitely think that we should all try to make our own personal corners on the Internet more positive and maybe, just maybe it can make the tiniest of differences to the way the Internet works. So that's it, Tea Talk is back and I'm going to be more positive about everything on the Internet and try to spend less time on social media. I'm going to try but who knows how long that'll last haha.

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Two Years Of Blogging.

103 blog posts. 106 comments. 133 followers. 2 years later. I've finally done it, I've (semi) successfully managed to run my blog for two years, so Happy Birthday 'Chloe Marie', 'My Crazy Beauty Journey' if you were here in the early days! Does anyone remember those days? When I didn't have a professional camera, I had no blog schedule (not as if I have a great one now haha) and I used to blog off my parent's old, crappy computer. How times have changed....

I remember when I first created my blog, it was quite an impulse thing really. I remember reading old blog posts by Zoella and just thinking 'This is is what I want to do, this is what I feel passionate about.' I didn't set out with a purpose, I had no clue what I wanted to blog about but it was what I felt passionate about when I let my fingers glide across that keyboard on July 27th 2014. I really feel as if I've found what I love blogging about over the past two years but especially within the last year of blogging, I feel as if I've really homed in on the perfect balance of opinion and beauty which now that I think about it is what I wanted to blog about from the start. I'm also introducing new elements into my blog such as books, another aspect of life I'm really passionate about.

However, I've definitely realised within the past few months that it isn't just passion that has driven me to carry on with blogging but also the people that I've surrounded myself with both within and out of the blogging world. Within 2016 I've most definitely stretched my blogging limits and reached out to bloggers I never thought in a million years would talk to me and I feel as if I can quite safely say that they're people that are close friends of mine now. One of those is Marianna, someone I've mentioned numerous times on here now, but I genuinely love her and to be able to talk to someone about everyday mundane things but also aspects of our blogging world is quite amazing. I love you girly!

Blogging definitely hasn't been an easy experience with it's almost too often lacks of inspiration, comparison to other bloggers and not having something turn out the way you want but it's definitely taught me how to not give up and really try and go through with something whether that be a monthly favourites, which I do love but definitely hate writing (they take such a long time to write), or a touchy topic I really want to get my opinion across in the right way like my first tea talk about dealing with loss. I definitely urge anyone who is contemplating starting a blog to start one, they'll be times you want to kick yourself but they'll also be times when you want to give yourself a pat on the back for accomplishing the things you wanted

Before I go (God I sound like I'm making an Oscars speech) I want to thank each and every one of you reading this blog post because without you I wouldn't get the constant support and the feeling that I'm in the middle of a very large group hug full of love and kindness. Here's to the next two years of excitement, triumphs, trials and hopefully lots of fun! I love you all!