Sunday, 7 August 2016

Style Icon | Festival Forward

Coachella. Glastonbury. V Festival. They have lots of things in common; the music, the atmosphere but also the fashion. Flowy dresses, flower crowns and bright prints. Sounds like perfection doesn't it? I went to something called FakeFest which was a festival but with tribute bands and I took a lot of inspiration from festival styles on Pinterest. I thought today I'd bring back the 'Style Icon' blog posts with a festival forward fashion blog post.

This is dress is absolute goals. I always worry about people wearing white or a dress at a festival, it just seems like a dangerous place to go to in something as pretty as this dress but I was completely wrong. This flowy white dress with the floral lace detailing on it really gives off that festival vibe. The simplicity of the outfit by pairing it with the tan ankle boots and the tan bag really makes it look effortless but well put together. If I could go to a festival I think this is a definite outfit that I would try to pull off, whether I could or not is a different question all together...

This is definitely where my inspiration for my FakeFest outfit. The shorts with the flannel shirt and the casual tee's are just so classic but throwing in the bandanna or flower crown (I opted for a flower crown) really brings the outfit together and gives it a more festival vibe. Not only are these outfits comfortable they look effortless and timeless. I feel as if if you're going to a long weekend/week festival then this is a definite outfit to take with you. Just look at it!

Layers. I never thought layers would be a thing a thing at festivals, I always thought it was kind of wear as little as possible to keep you from getting too sweaty (probably TMI but it happens). Anyway. I think the way this festival outfit is styled is absolutely perfect. There isn't a whole lot of colour or craziness going on but it just looks so classic and effortless. The subdued colours of the browns in the bag and boots really matches the khaki green colour of the jacket, which I am absoluely in love with - I need to find one like it! I really love the pop of colour from the shirt underneath and the shorts are a go to festival item. Everything about this outfit ties together so well.

It would be considered blasphemous if I wrote a festival full blog post and didn't include the Queen of Coachella, Vanessa Hudgens. Every time Coachella comes around I wait in anticipation to see what the Vanessa is wearing because she looks absolutely stunning and basically sums up Coachella in an outfit. I especially love this outfit that she wore, everything just ties together so well. The bright colour of the romper is really set off by the tan colour of hat and the turquoise of the statement bracelet worn. This outfit kind of shows me that using lots of colours in your outfits does really work if you get the right mix and ratio of colour. (P.S. loving the sneaky photobomb from Austin Butler in this photo, my man crush every Monday)

So there you go, another Style Icon blog post which makes you all now want to go to Coachella. Have you ever been to a festival? If so what one and what did you wear? Let me know so I can be all jealous about it!

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  1. Festival outfits always look amazing! It's my dream to go to a festival so I can wear some of the clothes I've only been able to ogle over in the past. x