Saturday, 6 August 2016

Tea Talk #10 | Is Social Media A Good Thing?

Instagram. Twitter. Snapchat. Facebook. YouTube. All social media platforms which are adding to an ever growing list of apps keeping us attached to our phones 24/7. It's not really until recently that I've realised how much I rely on my phone. See my phone's broken and it got me thinking that I rely on my phone for almost everything; texting, posting Instagram photos, Googling pointless questions. Then I started thinking about the question this blog post is based on; Is Social Media A Good Thing? I thought that I'd share my thoughts, views and opinions with you all in another tea talk. You can jump in on the conversation by commenting on this blog post below.

I use many platforms of social media; I have a private Facebook account for friends and family, I have an Instagram account which I'm obsessed with, I own a Twitter account in which I tweet/retweet the most random things and many other social media accounts which I probably don't even remember I own half the time. When my phone broke I really realised just how much I rely on these platforms for basically everything; I find out news on Facebook, keep up with how my friends are on Twitter, post every significant life event on Instagram. It's quite crazy to think just how much I rely on these  social media platforms I'm involved in.

Then I started to think about whether using all these social media platforms almost everyone uses are really all that good for us. Being a blogger I'm constantly on social media, tweeting about my blog posts or reading others but I've slowly started to realise that when I step back from being a blogger I'm still forever on social media. It's like my life completely surrounds the Internet which is a worrying thing. I mean it's great when I find out important news or catch up with a friend I haven't seen in so long but apart from that it can be quite toxic. I mean this in the sense that we all read things on the Internet that we believe in purely because it's on the Internet, whether this be a rumour about a celebrity or an argument between two friends. I feel as if we've all become so blinded because of the Internet we'll almost believe anything we read.

Now I'm not saying that everything about social media and the Internet is bad, I mean people use the Internet everyday for good reasons. People on the Internet are able to share their opinion freely everyday and really have the chance to make a difference. Worldwide hashtags get thrown about the place promoting positivity and necessary changes which are needed in the world. I feel as if this is the side of the Internet that gets forgotten about for the simple fact that positivity and change doesn't bring any drama to the table whereas a good old rumour mill does. I think this is the issue that I've been having with social media that I have only now figured out by being away from my phone; the Internet just isn't positive enough. That's why I've decided to try ans start being a positive as I can on all my social media platforms. I feel as if that's the only way I can make my extremely tiny, minuscule corner of the Internet more positive.

I definitely think that we should all try to make our own personal corners on the Internet more positive and maybe, just maybe it can make the tiniest of differences to the way the Internet works. So that's it, Tea Talk is back and I'm going to be more positive about everything on the Internet and try to spend less time on social media. I'm going to try but who knows how long that'll last haha.

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  1. I agree with you but now that Pokemon Go is here, people are going outside more and people are talking to strangers about this game.
    So people do still want to get people outside.