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The Good, The Bad + The Ugly | The Pro's + Con's Of Blogging.

With me having blogged for two years now I feel as if I've really zoned in on all the pro's and con's that I've met when it comes to blogging. I thought that today I'd share those pro's and con's with you if you're thinking of starting a blog, have recently just started blogging or are an old timer and can agree with my personal opinion of the pro's and con's of blogging. I'm suspecting that this is going to be a rather long blog post so grab a snack or a drink, maybe go wild and grab both before you sit here and read this post. I've come up with four pro's and four con's for blogging. Let's start with the pro's shall we?

1. I get to write about things I really love and I can discuss topics which I think are important.
This is kind of where my 'Tea Talk' series come into play because once a month I can sit down and share my opinion on anything I feel strongly about. I've talked about body confidence, friendship problems, losing someone close to you, mistakes not defining us as people and a whole host of other important topics to me. I really love being able to talk about things that I love or inspire me or I feel as if the topic isn't talked about enough. When I first started my blog I found it difficult to discuss important topics to me because I didn't want to offend anyone but finding a way to discuss them in a creative way really has been helpful. People have DM'ed me on social media telling me that topics I've discussed have been quite inspiring. That's what I think is really great about blogging, if I can inspire one person I feel as if I've done something useful with my blog.

2. I get to make new friends, all the time.
This is definitely the one thing that I wouldn't trade in for the world when it comes to blogging. People I thought I'd never be friends with in the blogging world I'm friends with. I mean if you told me a few months ago that me and Marianna, from Crazy In Life, were going to be such good friends that we're Facebook friends and we live in different countries I probably would've laughed. I love being able to connect with other bloggers and talk to them about things that they genuinely understand. Being able to share tips and tricks, lend advice and discuss what I had for dinner with fellow bloggers is pretty fricking cool if you ask me. If you've just started out blogging, don't be afraid to talk to bloggers with more followers than you or even the other way round, we're all trying to do the same thing; have a voice on a small area on the Internet. So message that blogger you've been scared to do so for months.

3. There are no restrictions, I can do what I want on my blog.
This is my corner on the Internet and unless I decide to give it up (which I'm not planning on doing) no one can take it away from me. If I wanted to write a blog post on my favourite vegetables, which I'm not going to, I could because this is my blog. It probably wouldn't get many reads but it's what I would want to post and if I want to post a blog post I can. This is something that I've slowly started to realised over my two years of blogging and I'm glad I have because things like my Tea Talk series I would've never thought of posting if I hadn't realised that the only person restricting me from uploading those posts was me.

4. My blog is something I can look back on and be proud out of my mind about it.
Even though I'm nowhere near ready to pack in blogging I do love to look back on blog posts that are particular favourites of mine. As I grow my blog there are more blog posts that I love to go back and read. It's kind of like reading other bloggers posts that you really love but you can feel even prouder about the posts because you've written them. It sounds like a weird pro to blogging but when I read a blog post that has taken me forever to plan, write, photograph and upload I'm really filled with this sense of pride because I've pushed through and done it.

Now let's dive into the less glamorous, more negative side that I've found from blogging.....

1. Criticism is constant, not from others but yourself. 
I'm that person who when I publish a blog post and go back to it I sometimes can't help but feel I could've made the post better. I get that you can edit blog posts but sometimes I feel as if they just don't turn out the way I want them to and can't help but feel as if they'll never be where I want them to be. I think it's due to the stress. As a younger blogger I'm really trying to make my mark in the blogosphere without being compared to older, more experienced, well established bloggers. It's like people are constantly fighting for elbow room to be the best and when you see someone's blog the way you want yours it can really give you a blow.

2. You have to phrase things in a way that won't offend anyone.
This is something that's always been quite easy for me but has become quite tedious. It's so easy to offend someone with what you say that you really have to think about the way you're going to phrase something. I think that it's quite easy to offend people these days in the simplest of ways and it's quite annoying when you have to spend an hour or so on a paragraph for your blog because you don't want your point to come across wrong. There's always going to be someone that you offend because they just won't agree with your opinion but it is becoming quite tedious in trying not to offend the smallest group possible.

3. When you hit the bloggers block wall, you hit it hard!
I've hit bloggers block many a time in my blogging experience and something I've figured out is that when I hit that wall, I hit it really hard. Even if I've got scheduled posts, if I don't know how to write the post then it's difficult to do it. Then because I can't write one post I can't write any others, it's actually quite bad. That's why sometimes I don't upload for weeks at a time. Is there any way to get over this? Can any fellow bloggers give us all some advice?

4. Comparison to other bloggers is a nightmare!
I've had this happen once or twice in my blogging days and it's the biggest confidence knock I think I've ever had in my time of blogging. It's not from other bloggers either or from people online but from people I know personally. When I was in school people who would find my blog would first compliment my blog saying it was really good and then go on to say something like "Oh yeah your blog's like Zoella's." Now not that I have a problem with my blog being compared to bigger blogger's such a Zoella, even though my blog is nothing like it, it kind of annoys me. This is because I'm trying to create a unique place where I share my thoughts and ideas but it feels as if I can't because there's constant comparison to other bloggers. Am I the only one who feels this way?

There is one thing about blogging that I can never decide whether it's a pro or a con...

Please tell me I'm not the only person who thought of Mr Brightside upon reading that haha. Just me? Okay then. Anyway the reason why I can never decide if jealousy is a pro or con of blogging is because it can make you want to work harder for what you want to get out of blogging. However, the con of it is that if you read a blog from a blogger you know personally you can almost be a bit annoyed that they've done something better than you in their blogging career but it can also make you extremely proud. There's a real difficulty in deciding whether or not jealousy is a good or bad thing for bloggers...What do you all think???

So congratulations if you've made it through this blog post, I know it was a long one. What have you found to be the pro's and con's of blogging? I'd love your take on it. Until next time!

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  1. Aw I loved this post! I agree with everything you said! It's so hard when you have no ideas or feeling unmotivated to blog when your feeling so inspired it's the best feeling ever xx

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