Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Two Years Of Blogging.

103 blog posts. 106 comments. 133 followers. 2 years later. I've finally done it, I've (semi) successfully managed to run my blog for two years, so Happy Birthday 'Chloe Marie', 'My Crazy Beauty Journey' if you were here in the early days! Does anyone remember those days? When I didn't have a professional camera, I had no blog schedule (not as if I have a great one now haha) and I used to blog off my parent's old, crappy computer. How times have changed....

I remember when I first created my blog, it was quite an impulse thing really. I remember reading old blog posts by Zoella and just thinking 'This is is what I want to do, this is what I feel passionate about.' I didn't set out with a purpose, I had no clue what I wanted to blog about but it was what I felt passionate about when I let my fingers glide across that keyboard on July 27th 2014. I really feel as if I've found what I love blogging about over the past two years but especially within the last year of blogging, I feel as if I've really homed in on the perfect balance of opinion and beauty which now that I think about it is what I wanted to blog about from the start. I'm also introducing new elements into my blog such as books, another aspect of life I'm really passionate about.

However, I've definitely realised within the past few months that it isn't just passion that has driven me to carry on with blogging but also the people that I've surrounded myself with both within and out of the blogging world. Within 2016 I've most definitely stretched my blogging limits and reached out to bloggers I never thought in a million years would talk to me and I feel as if I can quite safely say that they're people that are close friends of mine now. One of those is Marianna, someone I've mentioned numerous times on here now, but I genuinely love her and to be able to talk to someone about everyday mundane things but also aspects of our blogging world is quite amazing. I love you girly!

Blogging definitely hasn't been an easy experience with it's almost too often lacks of inspiration, comparison to other bloggers and not having something turn out the way you want but it's definitely taught me how to not give up and really try and go through with something whether that be a monthly favourites, which I do love but definitely hate writing (they take such a long time to write), or a touchy topic I really want to get my opinion across in the right way like my first tea talk about dealing with loss. I definitely urge anyone who is contemplating starting a blog to start one, they'll be times you want to kick yourself but they'll also be times when you want to give yourself a pat on the back for accomplishing the things you wanted

Before I go (God I sound like I'm making an Oscars speech) I want to thank each and every one of you reading this blog post because without you I wouldn't get the constant support and the feeling that I'm in the middle of a very large group hug full of love and kindness. Here's to the next two years of excitement, triumphs, trials and hopefully lots of fun! I love you all!

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