Wednesday, 18 January 2017


I saw this blog post on Steph Louise's blog and immediately loved it. The basic idea of 'THE A TO Z OF ME' blog post is that you list the alphabet and then match one word to every letter along with a little fact to go with it. I feel as if I've not really opened up to all of you on my blog but we're going to change that today with this blog post. I'm quite excited for you all to read this blog post so I think we should just get straight into it!

A - Author - my dream job
B - Blogging - one of the most stressful but amazing things that I've ever done
C - Christmas - my most favourite time of the year!
D - DiCaprio - the greatest love of my life, Leonardo DiCaprio
E - English - what most of my life is taken up with, I do both Literature and Language as A Levels
F - Fashion - how do people look fashionable on the daily, I'm sat in a baggy shirt and leggings
G - Gaga - I'm a Little Monster and proud, Gaga is literally such a big inspiration of mine
H - Hamilton - just pure genius, I love it! Along with all other musicals, I'm a musicals junkie!
I - Ireland - one of my favourite places on earth
J - Jace - of the Herondale variety. I'm a massive Mortal Instruments fan, I love those books so much!
K - Katie - one of my best friends in the whole entire world
L - Luhrmann - Of the Baz variety, I think his directing skills are works of pure brilliance and beauty
M - McDreamy - Yep, Patrick Dempsey. Grey's Anatomy is one of my favourite shows EVER!
N - Needles - I hate them, genuinely I have a panic attack whenever I see one - I have trypanophobia
O - O.J. - one of my favourite shows last year, The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story
P - Penguins - I'm so frickin' obsessed with them, they're just so cute!
Q - Queen - I have to many Queens to name, I could make a separate blog post about them
R - Reading - a great passion in my life, if I could read all day I would
S - Sixth Form - the biggest bane of my life currently
T - Travel - something I love and want to do so much more of
U - University - something that I've started looking at, and I'm slightly terrified
V - Venice - I'd love to take my mum here one day
W - Wales - where I was born, Cardiff to be exact
X - Xenophobia - I mean why is this even a thing? Can't equality just be a thing?
Y - Yourself - what I'm all about in 2017 and will hopefully carry into years to come
Z - Zen - something I would love to be all the time

So there it is, THE A TO Z OF ME, do you guys feel as if you know me slightly better now? The alphabet doesn't make it easy to create a list of facts about yourself, I mean X, Y and Z, who can even come up with facts for those? I did though, kind of. I want to know all about you now. If you've done a blog post like this level the link in a comment and if not I challenge you to do this, it's not as easy as it seems. Thank you to Steph again for giving me the idea to write this blog post. Hope you enjoyed!

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