Sunday, 26 February 2017


Something new to my blog today. I've seen these weekly edit type of posts floating around the blogosphere for quite a while and I'd never really thought to do one because I can assure you that my weeks are not that interesting. However, this week I've been on half term from Sixth Form and I've been doing quite a lot which is surprising but I hate to break it to you; this isn't a weekly edit. This is more of a two/three-day edit because my sister's been in hospital week so all my exciting plans got cancelled so we have the first half of the week and then not really much more. This is a great start to a new series but I the next time I make up one of these posts there'll be a whole week.

MONDAY: I went bowling with some friends from the school musical, I came second to last in the first game and last in the second game. I either need to stop going bowling or practice my bowling skills. All those years playing bowling on the Wii obviously have not paid off.

TUESDAY: Me and my best friends from my high school went out for a meal for my birthday. We went to Bella Italia and I ate so many carbs. We had the most delicious starter of a sharer plate of mini garlic bread, I then had tomato pasta which I didn't hate it just didn't have a lot of flavour, and then I was embarrassed when the waitress brought out my gelato with a candle in it. It was nice to catch up with them seeing as I don't see them very often because I go to a different sixth form.

WEDNESDAY: I TURNED 17 BITCHESSS! Yes, I'm a year closer to being an adult and even though that terrifies me, I was really excited for my birthday. I got lots of things including Hamilton books, a Great British Bake Off colouring book, a photo frame collage of me and my family, along with a tonne of beauty bits. Even though I spent my birthday in hospital with my older sister I had a really nice time being with all my family. Plus, one of my sister's uni friends gave me a card, a box of chocolates and a balloon. I love my sister's uni friends a lot.

THURSDAY: I literally did nothing! I sat on the sofa all day eating and watching GLEE, which I am in love with.

FRIDAY: I went back to Leicester to visit my sister again who was still in the hospital and even though we had to wear aprons, masks and gloves whilst sat in the same room as her we had a great day, full of lots of laughs. My mum also took me out for lunch before we went and visited her because I didn't get to do much on my birthday, I had the best burger!

SATURDAY: I woke up much later than I should have and did nothing again apart from watch videos for university tips and play Facebook Messenger games against my sister who came home from the hospital! 

SUNDAY: Major panic set in as I realised I spent a whole week doing no work so I quickly wrote an essay for my English Language class and read a couple of chapters of Frankenstein for my English Literature class.

So there it is my weekly edit. I'm not too sure whether this is how I'm going to continue with my weekly edits but who knows, I guess we'll all find out the next time I do one of these. So until my next blog post, I love you all millions!

Sunday, 19 February 2017


I'm quite a nosy person and always enjoy seeing what people keep in their cupboards, drawers and bags. I've realised that during my time on the blogosphere that I've never done a what's in my bag related blog post. I thought today that I'd do a bag spill for what I've been carrying round with me over the past month and a half. Unlike any other bag that I pack I don't like to over pack with my everyday bag so that's why I don't have a huge amount of things in my bag. The bag that I use everyday whether that be for school or if I'm going out and about on little adventures is a tan faux leather rucksack from Primark.  It has a really gorgeous floral design on the lid of it. Is it called a lid? I have no clue, if it's not I can't remember the name of it.

The Infernal Devices Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare
I'm an avid reader, always have been and most likely always will be. However, after GCSE's (which started almost a year ago) I've had a difficult time getting back into reading so I'm still reading the same book that I was reading around this time last year but I'm determined to finish it so that's why I've been carrying it round in my bag with me lately. I'm a huge lover of Cassandra Clare books, I'm actually pretty sure that I've almost got all of her books on my bookshelf, and this book is no different. I've really loved the rest of The Infernal Devices series so far and I'm about halfway through this book, Clockwork Princess which is the final of the trilogy. By this time next month I am determined to have finished this book!

If I didn't carry this around with me religiously I don't think that I'd survive, I keep everything in here; money, cards, bus ticket, old receipts, even paint swatches for some reason. Just like my bag, my purse is from Primark a couple of years ago. It has two separate compartments with a further five divides in them so I can carry all my change, notes, cards, and random receipts an bus tickets with me. Please tell me that I'm not the only person who keeps really old receipts and bus tickets in their purse.

iPhone & Headphones
If you're a standard sixteen, nearly seventeen year old then, I'm pretty sure that you'll have a phone of sort description. If I didn't carry this around with me like a Bible then I don't really know how I'd survive the day. I use my phone for all the usual things; music, Snapchat, messaging friends etc. I've got the iPhone 5S and I actually really love it, I never got the hype surrounding iPhone's until I actually got one. 

The Body Shop British Rose Hand Cream
An absolute essential in my bag over these past two months has definitely been hand cream. During these cold winter months my hands get so cracked and painful so keeping a hand cream in my bag at all times is an absolute must for me. This British Rose Hand Cream from The Body Shop is so smooth and doesn't leave my hands feeling sticky for a while, this definitely isn't what that is. It sinks into my skin really quickly and makes my hands feel so soft.

Rosy Lips Vaseline
In similarity to my hands my lips become so painful during the colder months so I really have to keep them in good standards. This Rosy Lips Vaseline has been an absolute lifesaver along with my my hand cream. My favourite thing about this particular part of the Vaseline range is that not only does it moisturise my lips really well but it also gives me the slightest tint of colour. I definitely recommend that you get yourself a good lip balm to keep in your bag all the time.

L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche Matte Lipstick in Erotique 640
I think this might be one of my favourite lip products of all time. I'm a great lover of lipsticks, I prefer them to any other lip product and I'm also a massive lover of matte lipsticks. L'Oreal Paris is a makeup brand that I always seem to brush over but a couple of months ago I passed the L'Oreal counter in my local Superdrug and decided to take a peek at their array of lipsticks and I fell in love with this one in the shade Erotique. It's the perfect nude-pink colour which just seems to sit perfectly on my lips. I think that the L'Oreal Paris lipsticks are highly underrated drugstore lipsticks.

There it is, all the things that I carry round with me religiously in my bag. I think that having staples in your bags are always a good thing but I do like to keep the staples to a minimum or is this a minimum? Do people carry around even less things that I do?


With the beginning of a new month comes the end of another, and with the ending of a month comes a reflection on all the things that have been favoured and had the spotlight shone on them throughout that month. Having January just after the Christmas period brings a whole host of exciting favourites because of the gifts that we've been gifted the month before so I'm extremely excited for this months favourites. I've got a real range to show you in today's blog post so I say we should just get straight into it.

Grey's Anatomy
One of my biggest loves of the past month. Grey's Anatomy is an American T.V. show centered around the personal and professional lives of five surgical interns and their supervisors. Now I'm always one to try and jump on the band wagon but fall off miserably before joining again late to the party, it's no different with Grey's Anatomy. The show started well over ten years ago now and I only just started watching it with my mum at the start of January. It has been a firm favourite of mine throughout the whole month, it feels like I can't go a day without watching at least one episode a day. I definitely recommend that if you love drama shows that you watch Grey's Anatomy because it's just pure brilliance! Plus, Patrick Dempsey as McDreamy.

Rosy Lips Vaseline
I go through stages with lip balm, I'm either completely obsessed with it or I act as if I've had a bad break up with it so completely ignore it. However, last month I was absolutely obsessed with it to the point where I'd applied so much that it my lips would get chapped really quickly without it. That was probably a bad idea but I just really loved it so much. It makes my lips so soft and doesn't make them sticky. Also, do you know when you use lip balm and you can feel all the dry bits on your lips? Well this Vaseline doesn't leave my lips feeling like this.

The Body Shop British Rose Hand Cream
I'm not the biggest fan of roses, never have been and never thought I was going to be, however, that all changed in January. After receiving a rose scented gift set from The Body Shop off a friend for Christmas I was apprehensive to use it but seeing as my hands get so dry I took the plunge and decided to try it out. The smell isn't too overwhelming and the way it sinks into my skin is so lovely that it doesn't leave my hands feeling sticky in the slightest. I'd really love to try more of The Body Shop's hand creams, what are your favourite scents that they do if you've tried any out? I'd really love to know so I could try some more out.

Grace Padded Cuff Lace Up Hiker Boots
These are now my new favourite shoes that I have ever worn. Even though they mark like hell they're so comfortable that it pains me to take them off. These particular pair of boots are from ASOS, I'll leave the link here for you. They make the most basic of outfits look well styled and really put together; I've worn them with jeans, casual dresses, dungarees, along with a whole host of other clothing items. They're really versatile and I definitely think that everyone should have a pair of these in their wardrobe.

Women's March
Saturday, January 21st. One of my favourite days of the year and we're only a month and a half in. I've never been so proud of the millions of people who took to the streets with colourful card with some of the most powerful messages I've ever seen. I wrote a whole blog post about the Women's March so I don't want to go on about this forever, just go read the blog post.

January definitely wasn't the easiest month when it came to politics, the world and in general humanity but I definitely loved a lot of things. Even though things might not get any easier anytime soon but they'll always be things that we love surrounding us and these blog posts remind me that even in the darkest of times they'll always be things that I love, even if it is just a pair of shoes.

Wednesday, 1 February 2017


I'm an avid photographer and self-aware poser so when it comes to Instagram I'm all over it with a good old selfie or slightly artsy photo. January has been no different. However, I realised that after the festive period I've found it a lot more difficult to get back into social media whether that be Snapchat, Twitter or in this case Instagram, I think it's because all the Christmas themed photos disappear from my feed which makes me extremely sad. Don't worry tough because I did upload many a photo in January so I'm going to show them to you all today as a bit of a recap. If you want to check out my Instagram posts as and when their upload, and even fancy giving them a cheeky like, then definitely make sure you're following me over on @chloe_marie.x

// 2016. You a had a lot of downs this year but I can safely say that you also brought some rather great times with you as well. New memories, new friends and new adventures. Here's to 2016 and let's hope 2017 is even better! Love you all💓 //

// i love her a lot and am sad that she's leaving tomorrow💋// (@lauren.bird_98)

| hospital toilet selfies |

| don't be like the rest of them, darling |

// i am woman, hear me roar // #womensmarch #feministasfuck #fightback

|do no harm but take no shit|

So there it is, my January through Instagram. I know it's not the best Instagram Diary that I've ever done but it's like I said before, I always find it difficult to get back into social media after the Christmas and party season. Is it just me who feels like that or is it everyone??