Wednesday, 1 February 2017


I'm an avid photographer and self-aware poser so when it comes to Instagram I'm all over it with a good old selfie or slightly artsy photo. January has been no different. However, I realised that after the festive period I've found it a lot more difficult to get back into social media whether that be Snapchat, Twitter or in this case Instagram, I think it's because all the Christmas themed photos disappear from my feed which makes me extremely sad. Don't worry tough because I did upload many a photo in January so I'm going to show them to you all today as a bit of a recap. If you want to check out my Instagram posts as and when their upload, and even fancy giving them a cheeky like, then definitely make sure you're following me over on @chloe_marie.x

// 2016. You a had a lot of downs this year but I can safely say that you also brought some rather great times with you as well. New memories, new friends and new adventures. Here's to 2016 and let's hope 2017 is even better! Love you all💓 //

// i love her a lot and am sad that she's leaving tomorrow💋// (@lauren.bird_98)

| hospital toilet selfies |

| don't be like the rest of them, darling |

// i am woman, hear me roar // #womensmarch #feministasfuck #fightback

|do no harm but take no shit|

So there it is, my January through Instagram. I know it's not the best Instagram Diary that I've ever done but it's like I said before, I always find it difficult to get back into social media after the Christmas and party season. Is it just me who feels like that or is it everyone??

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  1. Your instagram feed is really pretty and you've inspired me to try and up my game a little! X