Sunday, 12 March 2017


Although we're almost halfway through the month of March I thought that it was about time that I ran you through all of my favourite things that I absolutely loved throughout the month of February. Even though February may well be the shortest month of the year the favourites came thick and fast as they always do, so sit back and relax as I take you through all of the things I loved last month.

As always, I’m that person who is always extremely late to the band waggon so it was no surprise to anyone when I mentioned to them that I’d never watched GLEE all the way through from start to finish. Around December time I decided that I was going to throw myself in at the deep end and watch it from start to finish. During February I neared the end of GLEE and I found myself tearing up at every single episode because I knew that I was getting closer and closer to the end. The final three episodes were awful, I cried more times than was probably normal because in the space of three months these characters had literally changed my life forever. Even though they're fictional I really believed that they'd welcomed me into their group no matter what was happening in my life.

Every single year my high school put on a production of a musical. Now even though I moved to a different sixth form, my wonderful music teacher allowed me to go back to my old high school in order to help backstage with the musical which was Annie this year. In February, after a very stressful last two weeks of rehearsals where we thought we weren’t going to make it in time we performed two nights of very special performances. Even though I didn’t get to perform in the musical I genuinely had the best time helping out and being with a group of people that I love to the moon and back was the best feeling ever.

February brings about a very special occasion in my life; my birthday. On February 22nd I turned 17 and even though I didn't have the typical birthday I actually really enjoyed myself. As I get older I become less and less excited for my birthday, I'm not really too sure why but it's just a thing that's been happening throughout the years. However, this year even though I was at the hospital because my older sister wasn't too well it was actually quite nice because I was with all of my family. I even got a box of chocolates, a card and a balloon out of it so that was awful nice.

Viola Helen
As I begin the search for universities I’ve been watching many a YouTube video on lots of different tips for starting university etc. During this time I’ve actually stumbled across many a YouTuber that I have come to love, not just for their university-related videos, but because I just find their videos in general extremely interesting. One person that I've absolutely loved watching is Viola Helen, her YouTube channel is predominantly devoted to her Oxford university vlogs now and I really love them. Even though I'm definitely not planning to go to Oxford I really find her vlogs interesting because I feel as if Oxford is a lot different compared to other universities so I like finding out about what it's like to actually be at Oxford.

My new found wardrobe staple. Dungarees are something that I've always been absolutely terrified of wearing due to my height. See I'm quite small and normally I can't wear a  lot of things that are on trend right now because they never fit me correctly. However, these dungarees from Boohoo are my absolute favourite things to wear at the moment! I really love the rips in them because I think they add something extra to them. I really like wearing them with either the stripey top in the photo below or a basic crop top.

There you go! All of my favourite things from the month of February. What did you love last month? I'm always on the look out for new things to try in order to see if they're worthy enough to get onto a monthly favourites post so let me know in the comments.

Saturday, 4 March 2017


February is always one of my favourite months to Instagram; the school musical, my birthday and overall general artiness. In true fashion, as I have for a while now on my blog, I'm going to show you all of the photos that I've uploaded onto Instagram over the past month. And as in true fashion, it's time for the shameless self-promo, so don't forget to follow me on Instagram; you can find me over on @chloe_marie.x


{ easy street, where the rich folk play }

// life in a photo: school. bus ticket. headphones wire. //

// i love this girl millions + could no longer imagine my life without her💓 //

| i miss this + these people already😭💔 |

// such a soppy post but going to miss this one whilst she's in america🇺🇸😭 eat all the food for me + bring me back funfetti cake mix🍰💓 //

| self obsession is my forté |

// i had the best birthday ever, thank you to everyone who wrote me a card or a message or gave me a present💜🎉 //

So there it is my favourite month captured in a series of photos. I had a great month last month, and I'm excited to see what seventeen brings me, hopefully, a lot more Instagram uploads. Leave your Instagram's below and I might have a cheeky little look at your feeds.