Sunday, 2 April 2017


Oh Instagram, how I love you. I will always love you but in March I seemed to love you a little less. I hardly uploaded anything onto Instagram throughout the month of March. I'm not too sure. Maybe it's because I went through a lot during the month of March and uploading things to the Internet or social media was difficult for me. Anyway, even though I didn't upload many photos to Instagram last month let's just dive into the few photos that I did upload.

As always, you can find all my Instagram posts as I post them over on my Instagram which is @chloe_marie.x, go give me a cheeky follow and I might just follow you back. I don't have a theme to my Instagram so if that's what you're looking for maybe I'm not the best person to follow, but if you're a fan of a mix-match of memories I'm definitely the person to go and follow!

| remember that time we dressed up all fancy and danced all night? yeah, that was fun |

// i spent almost three hours on facetime to this one today + i really love her for it💜 //

// i hung out with some pretty cool people + had the best weekend ever🎉 //

So there you go everyone, the whole three photos I uploaded to Instagram. I know they're really not as many photos as usual, actually, there are hardly any photos compared to usual but you know, social media wasn't the most important thing on my mind last month. Maybe I'll overload you with photos throughout this month, who knows? What I do know is that I'm back with lots of blog posts planned for you all. Hope everyone has a great week coming!

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