Sunday, 9 April 2017


During these dark days on the Internet, I definitely think that a showering of love is needed every so often, maybe even more than that. I wanted to spread the love today for all the Internet babes who I think are absolutely killing it right now. If you haven’t checked out any of these absolute babes I recommend that you check them out as soon as you’ve finished reading this blog post. If you know of any Internet babes who are killing it right now let me know about them in the comments!

Viola Helen
If you read my February Monthly Favourites blog post you’ll know that I stumbled across Viola’s YouTube channel as I was searching for university related videos and vlogs. Most channels that I’ve found a video related to university on I’ve watched the university related video and moved on, however, Viola’s channel stuck. With weekly vlogs from her time at Oxford, I hang on to the edge of my seat as I sit and wait for a new vlog to be uploaded but not because it’s university related but instead because I genuinely love watching her videos. I really love Viola’s bubbly personality and her video content. As I began to watch more of her videos I started reading her blog and everything just kind of spiralled from there. I’m sure that long after Viola’s left university I’ll still be watching her videos and hanging onto the edge of my seat in anticipation.

Viola’s Snapchat: @violahelen

Holly Gabrielle
When I found out what Holly’s YouTube channel was focused on I did originally think about unsubscribing from her channel, however, as I invested more time into watching her videos I gradually fell in love and now can’t help but pop one of her videos on whilst I’m writing an essay. As a vegan vlogger at Cambridge, Holly has been vlogging her experience both as a student and as a vegan. I’ve actually been finding her videos so relaxing to watch and even though it’s unlikely that I’ll be turning vegan I have noticed that I’m incorporating slightly healthier alternatives into my diet, I say this as I drink a cup of tea and scoff down a biscuit or two. Whether you want to watch Holly’s vlogs for the vegan aspect of them or the student aspect of them she comes across as a lovely person and I will continue to listen to her intently as I continue to write Shakespeare-related essays.

Holly’s Snapchat: @hollygw

Jack Edwards
Oh, the power of Twitter. After following Jack on Twitter a few months back when I went on a blogger follow spree I hadn’t particularly paid much attention to him, which sounds quite dismissive as I type this but because I follow so many accounts on Twitter he was someone I never really saw on my feed. However, after replying to a tweet about Phineas & Ferb (trust me, within the context it makes sense) I checked out his YouTube channel and then his blog and then I added him on Snapchat and so on. Basically, I became absolutely obsessed. His video content, blog content and overall greatness of his social media is just so utterly amazing. Male bloggers are an element of the blogosphere that I’ve never particularly delved into too deep but rest assured with the assistance of Jack I shall be letting my toes dip in a bit further.

Jack’s Snapchat: @jack_edwardss

A Beautiful Chaos
Now Nicole, though she may be completely unaware of this fact, is one of the few people who really got me into blogging and because of that, I will forever thank her. Rather recently Nicole re-launched her blog and has dedicated it to spreading a positive message about mental health both in the blogging community and society itself. Bringing about important topics such as anxiety, organ donation and OCD, Nicole is really making her mark in the blogging community. Nicole and her blog have really helped me through some difficult times both in the past and quite recently, for that, I'll forever thank her as well. I could quite easily make myself a cup of tea, cut myself a slice of cake and read Nicole's blog for hours on end.

So there it is, a couple of the people on the Internet that I'm following and absolutely loving right now! I definitely think you should check these people out as soon as you can because I definitely think that these people are going places on the Internet. Remember that if you know any bloggers, YouTubers or any other people who are killing it on the Internet right now let me know in the comments below because I want to check them all out!


  1. I'll have to check out all these babes! Thanks for sharing. X


  2. I'm always interested to discover some new bloggers and youtubers so I'll definitely be checking these out. Great post!