Saturday, 6 May 2017


Who failed at keeping their Instagram updated this month? Oh, that's right, me. However, just as I have every month this year I'm going to run you through the very few photos that I uploaded to my Instagram.

As always I shall also do my shameless self-promo, so if you want to see these posts when they're being uploaded then don't forget to follow me on Instagram over on @chloe_marie.x and maybe even turn on my notifications so you can be notified as soon as I've uploaded these photos. If you want to leave your links for all your social media platforms in the comments and I'll be sure to check them out.

// had the best day with my favourite kat💜✨ // (@katie__dakin + @lowercasecoffeebar)

// from here on in you're singing to my soul🖤 //

So there it is, I mean the two crazy Instagram posts I uploaded throughout the month of April. I've just not been that obsessed with Instagram throughout the last month and I'm just not sure why. Maybe, this month I'll be able to get back into the arty photos and come up with some clever, witty captions to go with them.


  1. I need to get better at instagram, sometimes I just forget about posting for weeks. Also, those shakes look incredible!!
    Liv xx

    1. Let's get better together haha! Omg, the shakes were amazing -- they were Creme Egg flavoured which I don't normally like but loved this!