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Even with the dark days, the tears and the lack of belief in myself I’ve made it out the other side of my first year of sixth form and although it might sound big headed, I couldn’t be prouder of myself for being able to state that fact for you. I know many say that sixth form is possibly the hardest thing that they’ve ever done education wise but I can safely say that this year of sixth form has been possibly the hardest thing that I’ve ever done and will ever do. However, don’t let this put you off. Although it felt like this past school year has been absolutely awful there were some good times that came with it. I thought that I’d talk you through my year at sixth form and my overall experience of it. Let’s all head off on this adventure together.

When October 2015 came around I knew that it was time for me to start looking at sixth forms as well as applying to them. After being at my high school for five years, I knew it was time for a change, I felt that I’d gotten everything out of my high school that I could so I needed to go somewhere new in order to find what I needed. That’s when I attended an Open Evening for the sixth form that I’m currently attending. I felt like I fitted in there, the teachers who were going to be teaching my A Levels (English Literature, English Language and History) all seemed wonderful and the way that the sixth form was run made me feel really comfortable. In the end, it was the only sixth form that I applied for because it was where I knew I wanted to go and settling wasn’t an option for me. Results day came around and luckily, I got the grades that I needed.

For the first couple of weeks, I really struggled, moving schools was actually a lot more difficult for me than I’d originally thought. I’d left all my friends who I’d been to school with since the age of four, the step up from GCSE’s to A Level’s really is as big as they say and I was thrown into a situation in which everyone had been friends with each other for years. I felt like the tiniest fish in the biggest ocean imaginable. However, slowly I started to settle.  I made friends with quite a few people, my teachers seemed to like me and the idea of getting on the public bus every morning was not nearly as terrifying as I thought it would be.

My confidence was on an up; I didn’t feel nervous to put my hand up during lessons, I didn’t feel awkward asserting myself in a conversation and even though it might seem insignificant but for the first time in about three years I felt comfortable going to school without an ounce of makeup on my face. Genuinely, I felt like I belonged at my sixth form and that I’d made the decision that I had. Then rock bottom came. I think I hit rock bottom harder than anyone has before, I might have possibly broken rock bottom at the pace that I hit it. There we a lot of things that led to this, both personal and sixth form based but it really knocked my confidence. I couldn’t get out of bed for two weeks straight and then a further week, I just hated going and really felt like giving on sixth form altogether.

Friends started to disappear, grades started slipping and attendance was shocking, however, my teachers didn’t give up on me. They really have helped me through the remainder of this year and do fairly okay in my exams which I for sure thought I was going to fail. I’m not going to lie, it’s hard truth time, I don’t particularly enjoy going to sixth form – I find it really difficult, not so much education wise but instead people wise. I have friends but I just never particularly feel comfortable anymore. I’m hoping that these six weeks give me time to refresh and I face September with a different attitude.

Sixth form isn’t easy, there’s no hiding that fact. It’s one of the toughest periods of time during anyone’s education but if you can find the right people who will be there to support you then it does make it that tiny bit easy. Without the help of the teachers and friends that I’ve had this past year I genuinely don’t think I’d still be at sixth form.

Although I’ve found sixth form difficult there have been some amazing opportunities that I’ve been given this past school year that I would never have gotten if I hadn’t moved schools. Some of my highlights include being a mentor to some of the younger years which will help on my personal statement, meeting possibly one of the best humans ever who has now become an extremely close friend of mine and finally I got to go see Matilda in the West End. There is another blog post to come all about my trip to London but without the sixth form I’m at it would’ve been unlikely that I’d ever be able to go and see Matilda, let alone in the West End. It was possibly one of the best trips that I’ve ever been on and was an amazing way to end the school year.

I don’t know what the future holds in regards to sixth form but right now I’m just glad that I’ve finished my first year and am glad that I have these six weeks to refresh and gather my thoughts.

If you've just finished your first year at sixth form, how do you think that you did?

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