Tuesday, 11 July 2017


Welcome, welcome let’s all settle in as I bring a new blog post to you today. With the sort of beginning of every month I like to bring you a round-up of all the photos that I uploaded onto my Instagram feed. This month is no different as I bring you my Instagram Diary from the month of June. Grab a cup of tea, a slice of cake and put your feet up as you take a few minutes staring at my face.

As always, I think that you should most definitely follow all of my social media but especially my Instagram – that way you can see all my photos when I upload them. If you’re not already following my Instagram, then click the link here to go straight to my feed. A cheeky little like and maybe even a comment always go a long way.

| grigio girl forever |

| these posts never get any easier to write....London my heart is breaking for you, there aren't enough words to sum up the cruel events that you endured last night. my heart, thoughts and prayers go out to you London. stay strong #PrayForLondon |

| we may sit in our library and yet be in all quarters of the earth, john lubbock |

| wishing for long train journeys to take me to unexplored cities |

| if the whole world was watching i'd still dance with you |

{ a year ago today i sat down in an english literature class and met this gal. my life hasn't been the same since, love you katie❤❤ }

[ we pretend to do a levels when we're really just taking naps💤 ]

So there it is, a collection of photos of my face from the past month. What are your Instagram handles? Leave them in a comment or tweet me with them, that way I can follow all of your beautiful faces.

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