Wednesday, 19 July 2017


This morning I woke up to an extremely full notifications section on Twitter. This was because the lovely Liv from Liv Slack had nominated me for the Liebster Award. I was nominated for the Liebster Award back when I first started my blog so I had a vague idea of what it entailed. After a quick refresh, I’m ready to jump back into the Liebster Award blog post.

Here are the rules:
1) Answer the question you were asked
2) Tag 11 bloggers who have under 200 followers
3) Create 11 new questions for them

1) What do you love most about blogging?
This answer has changed throughout the years but I definitely think that no matter what I write about it’ll always help just one person, that’s a pretty great thing.

2) Instagram or Twitter?

3) Have you ever met somebody famous?
No I haven’t, but if I could I’d want to meet Leonardo DiCaprio or Sir David Attenborough; they’re my personal favourite famous people.

4) Where are you from?
Originally Cardiff, Wales.

5) What’s your favourite film?
Gosh, how can anyone answer this question? I’m a film junkie, there are just too many good ones!

6) Where do you love to shop the most?
New Look or Boohoo.

7) If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?
Definitely not anywhere exotic but I’d love to live in London.

8) Summer or Winter?

9) Do you plan on going to University?
Yes, I’ve gone to a couple of open days already and I have a University residential during the Summer holidays.

10) What’s your least favourite thing about blogging?
Feeling pressured to keep up a schedule, being in sixth form means my schedule is all over the place but I’m always worried that if I don’t upload a blog post at least once a week people are going to get angry.

11) How/why did you choose your blog name?
My original blog name and current URL is ‘My Crazy Beauty Journey’, I chose that because I was really starting to get into beauty when I started blogging. Now it’s ‘Chloe Marie’ because that’s my name.

I Nominate:
1) Olivia
(I couldn’t find 11)

My Questions For You:
1) Why did you start blogging?
2) Lipstick or Lipgloss?
3) Who inspires you?
4) What’s your go to outfit?
5) What’s your favourite place that you’ve visited?
6) If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life what would it be?
7) Netflix or YouTube?
8) What’s your dream job?
9) What’s your favourite T.V. show?
10) Where do you see yourself in five years?
11) What’s your favourite thing about blogging?


  1. I can't believe you wrote and published this so quickly!! Go you!! I totally get what you mean with the pressure of keeping to a blog schedule. I don't have one atm and just post whenever but I think I'm just the worst blogger😂
    Liv xx

  2. Thanks for the nominee I'll blog about it soon! ��