Wednesday, 9 August 2017


Where has 2017 gone? We’re already in August, that’s actually crazy to think that we’re just over four months away from the countdown to a new year in which lots of exciting things will be happening. Anyway, instead of thinking about the future let’s instead think back to last month and all the things that I have absolutely adored throughout the month of July.

Floral Jeans
Shawty had those floral ripped jeans, no boots with the fur. It’s alright, you don’t have to tell me that I’m cool because I definitely already know that. Anyway, in preparation to go away last month and this month I knew that I needed a new pair of jeans. However, as much as I do love wearing jeans I hadn’t bought a new of pair in about three or four years so when the time came to look for some I headed straight for New Look. Now this ripped jeans and embroidered look seems to be the latest fad at the moment so in true blogger style I hopped right on the bad waggon. Initially I thought I was going to hate wearing blue jeans seeing as I haven’t worn a pair since I was about seven, however, I have fallen absolutely head over heels in love with this pair. They’re really comfortable, considering that usually clothes that are quite stylish tend to be the most uncomfortable things to wear. Also, I really like the colour of denim they are. I think the light blue kind of makes them stand out less which helps me feel more confident in wearing them. If you’re looking for a new pair of jeans, New Look is definitely the place to go.

Reasons To Stay Alive by Matt Haig
This book. Where do I even start? Mental health is a topic that I’ve been thinking a lot about recently and Matt Haig is able to sum it up in a matter of 264 pages. Whether you’re a mental health sufferer, a worried friend or family member, or even someone who just wants to learn more about mental health there’s really something for everyone to take away from Matt Haig’s book. His personal experience with depression and anxiety and mental health, along with the way that Haig writes about his experience makes your heart ache for him when he has his down days and feel an overwhelming sense of pride when he conquers something that he thought he would find impossible. I finished the book fairly quickly and as soon as I put it down I was recommending it to family and friends. As mental health becomes a much bigger part of our society I think it’s really important to find and listen and read first hand experiences and battles with mental health in order for us to understand it better and help break down the stigma that seems to be surrounding the world of mental health.

Love Island
A true twist of fate is why this has made it onto my favourites list. After sitting in the living room on election night with my older sister and explaining what a hung parliament was to her, she began to explain to me what Love Island was about. I watched episode six and was hooked, so I binge watched the whole series until I was all caught up. Even though it's reality T.V. I’ve absolutely loved watching it and I have no idea why. Maybe it’s because it’s the sort of reality T.V. that I’ve never watched before. Anyway, I’ve absolutely loved watching it for the past seven weeks and for some reason I actually found myself getting really upset whenever my favourite contestants were, if you hadn’t realised from my Twitter it was Camilla. As with anything there were moments where I did think ‘what is the point in this’ but those moments were extremely sparing. Now that Series 3 is over, which I’m actually really upset about, I can start watching Series 1 and 2. If you’ve not checked it out then just watch the first couple of episodes of any of the series because I can assure you that you’ll be hooked. If you’ve watched the newest series, how did you feel about the outcome? I was actually quite happy.

I don’t think I’ve owned a pair of trainers since the end of Year 9, however, after finding myself at physiotherapy needing a pair I realised that it was probably time to get some. I’m not a massive shoe fan, if I didn’t have to wear them then I wouldn’t so I wasn’t look to spend a ridiculous amount of money on a pair. With a trip to the Sports Direct in Derby I managed to find the pair photographed below. These are from a brand called Fabric and for the price that they were, I think it was around £20, they’re so comfortable. I’ve actually taken to wearing them almost everywhere I go. In a way they kind of remind me of a mixture between Nike and Sketchers trainers, but for about half the price. They’re specifically tailored for running so they’ve got a bit of a bounce to them but surprisingly I really like that about them. If you’re looking for a pair of trainers that are reasonably priced and are going to last you a long time then I’d definitely think about picking up a pair of these.

Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon
After a recommendation from my younger sister I picked this book off of my overflowing bookshelf and eagerly began to read it. The way Nicola Yoon writes is absolutely outstanding. With short chapters I was at first apprehensive as to how she would get information and emotion out through the space of maybe two pages or so. I was majorly proved wrong. No matter how long her chapters were they evoked so much emotion that I felt myself laughing at Olly’s crazy parkour, grinning at Maddy’s discoveries about the world and crying at the heartbreak that the book brought with it. Even with one sentence chapters, I felt as if I learnt a bit more about Maddy, Olly and their world every time I finished a chapter. I think Nicola Yoon has found herself a new fan and I genuinely cannot wait to pick up some more of her books.

London Theatre Trip
This is possibly one of my favourite things to happen this year. I had the opportunity to go to London with school to watch Matilda in the West End and spend the day exploring the Natural History Museum. The theatre and history are possibly two of my favourite things on earth so all in all this trip was perfectly tailored to me. Even though we were a bit late for Matilda, which just means I’m going to have to go watch it again, it was absolutely breathtaking. From the sets, to the songs, to the actors everything was just perfect. I cried way too much. The theatre holds a special place in my heart and always will. Without school I probably would never have been able to go see Matilda. Also, the Natural History Museum was amazing. I haven’t been in quite a few years so it was really exciting to see all the new exhibits and such that they’d put in there. Some of the photos that I got were also pretty cool so keep your eyes peeled for those.

There it is. Everything that I have absolutely loved and adored throughout the month of July. Is there anything in this post that you maybe loved last month or do you have any recommendations for something you think I would absolutely love? Let me know, I’m always on the lookout for new things to test and try.

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