Friday, 17 October 2014

Style Icon | Zoella

I have many style icons throughout every season or any type of weather and normally they change throughout each season but there is a handful of people who's style stays in my closet and one of them people is Zoe Sugg or probably known better to the internet as Zoella. I really love Zoe's style choices from her cute collars to her her disco pants to her beautiful dresses, I just really love her fashion choices. Before I start this blog post properly I just want to give out a disclaimer; all the images in this blog post are not mine - I've found them on Google Images or from Zoe's blog. Just putting that out there. Let's get on with the blog post!

The gifs above are from Zoe's Autumn LookBook 2014 and if you haven't checked it out you definitely should! I loved all the outfits from the lookbook but these were a few of my favourites! I think that my most favourite was definitely the top gif on the first image. Here's a closer look of it below.

I really thought that this outfit was really well pieced together and that's why I loved it so much! I definitely think that this outfit would be something I took ideas from this Autumn/Winter from the tartan scarf to the army styled jacket to the black and white pinafore underneath. I just think that it's a really interesting outfit you wouldn't normally pair together but it works so well!

Another outfit of Zoe's that influenced two purchases I made recently was the outfit she wore to the One Direction: This Is Us Movie Premiere. The picture below is what Zoe wore and just think it was beautiful; it just screamed ZOE! From the flowy white dress, to the black wedge heels to her classic vlogging camera. I bought a pair of black wedge heels similar to Zoe's but a bit lower than her pair and I'm in love with them! I also picked up a flowy dress but not the same as Zoe's mine's blue with lace over the top of it. I just think that this look really inspired mine and I'm really happy that I picked them items up.

Une belle jeune fille dans une belle ville (A beautiful girl in a beautiful city). So I'm actually quite in love with this outfit. If you couldn't tell by the background of the image this picture was taken when Zoe went to Paris to visit all the classic French tourist sites and the outfit she chose was just so pretty. I just loved the black disco pants matched with the grey top, grey coat, grey hat and the black boots. I just thought it looked really pretty. Even though I don't think I'm quite brave enough for the disco pants yet but I would definitely alter this outfit with a pair of leggings. I have a grey shirt with red sleeves and then I'll sometimes wear that with my leggings. Then if I throw a coat or a jacket over it it looks quite similar to Zoe's outfit.

Let's go to the beach, each. Let's go get a wave. Sorry I couldn't resist after all this is a blog post about Zoe. Anyway I thought I'd end on quite a simplistic outfit of Zoe's. It's just her disco pants, a sort of over sized white shirt, a patterned scarf and her coat with leather sleeves. I just think that you can really dress this outfit up or you can leave it quite simple. I just really love this outfit and eventually when I do decide about disco pants on me that I'd love wearing an outfit like this.

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