Friday, 27 November 2015

Style Icon | Blake Lively

Blake Lively. Also known as perfection. Yes that is right ladies and gentlemen, the style icon blog posts are back and they're back with a BANG. Today I've decided to talk all about Blake Lively's style, how it inspires me and makes me completely jealous of her. Let's get into this and all be envious of her together, shall we?

Black on black on black. This outfit was pulled right out the wardrobe labelled under 'Sexy & Sophisticated.' From the hat to the dress to the shoes everything is just perfection, thrown together in that oh I'm in a rush sort of way. Now sadly I do have to say that I don't own a single piece of clothing like this but if I have anything to do with it I'm going to find some similar clothing to this because isn't this out just to die for?

I need this outfit now. Class. Sophistication. Style. I really love how the brown pleated skater skirt and casual white shirt cinches the waist in and thrown together with the basic white tee really draws attention to the skirt which I love. The sandles thrown in with the outfit really make it look put together.

I want this coat. Just look at it. It's perfect! I really love the powder blue colour and the black collar, the colours really juxtaposes each other but the also work so well together. It also looks very warm and cosy which is what I'm always looking for in a good coat, I mean who isn't? I also really love the shoes that have been paired with the coat making everything tie together nicely. Don't you think?

From dressy to casual, Lively can do it all! I really love the whole rocker chick meets boho on this look. The mix of denims work perfectly. The slouchy grey tee makes the whole outfit look quickly thrown together. Also, the boots add just enough edginess to the look and throw in the brightly coloured, patterned bag brings enough colour and excitement to the outfit. Oh how I lust over the thought of making an outfit this wonderful.

I want this dress. Simple as. I love the way that there's an overlay really hinting at Lively's waist which is just as perfect as the rest of her body. Also, the use of the overlay adds length to the dress seeing as I don't think that I'd want the dress as much if it didn't have it. I love the cream-white colour covered in the goldish embroidery making the dress feel and look a lot more elegant.

Now obviously it's easy to throw on a black ensemble but what I love about this outfit that Lively's worn is the jacket. I really love the pattern on it which is made up of beautiful autumnal colours mixed in with the texture of it. It reminds me of the old style rugs, don't ask me why it just does. Even though it probably sounds really weird that's probably what I love most about it, it makes me reminisce on my Nan's old rug she had in her hallway.

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