Wednesday, 20 January 2016

The Movies That I Love Almost Too Much.

Movies mean a lot to me, just the same as music and books do. I think that it's because you stick a movie on for an hour to an hour and a half and get completely lost in the story line, the writing, the lighting, the costume and everything else that's involved when making a movie. Today, I thought I'd tell you all about the movies that I love almost too much, so let's get on with it.

Now my movie watching range stretches from childhood movies to action packed movies. I can't deal with horror though, I'm just to full of anxiety when it comes to those movies. Thinking about them gives me the shivers.

Up first is Disney. Who doesn't love a bit of Disney? Those movies are literally my childhood wrapped up in one thing. Now the first two films I want to talk about are the movies that I'm always in a toss up of which I watched first as my first Disney movie; Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs and Beauty & The Beast. I can put these movies on and I am transported back to when I used to sit in front of my T.V. watching these on VHS, the princesses and the songs just make me so happy especially when I know every single word to every single song.
Frozen. All someone has to do is mention that word and I'm up singing 'Let It Go' and twirling round the room like a mad woman. I couldn't care less what other people think, Frozen is probably one of my favourite Disney films of all time and that will never ever change. Judge me all you want for that. Sorry not sorry.
Last on my Disney list is my FAVOURITE movie of all time and that's Remember The Titans. Not a lot of people have heard about this movie and if they have heard of it they've got no clue that this is a Disney movie. It's basically about American football and I just love it so much, it's that movie I never get tired of and could watch anywhere and everywhere.

Onto another section on movies that have the BEST songs ever; musicals. I love watching a good musical anytime of the day at anytime of the year. I most definitely have my favourites even though I probably do love all musicals but my three favourites have to be Les Misérables, The Phantom of the Opera and Chicago. I'm not going to lie to you, I probably know 99.9% of the lyrics to these musicals and that .01% is the percentage that nobody ever knows. The way these musicals are filmed and the actors in them make the movie stunning and I'm definitely planning on watching these in the West End. Now that I'm thinking about it I probably know most of the Les Misérables lyrics because it's the musicals I'm doing at school this year even though I knew the lyrics before. I'm a die hard fan of all things musical related.

I feel as if rom-com's are something that CANNOT and WILL NOT ever go out of fashion and as long as they're still made I will continue to watch them. I have so many favourite rom-com's but I thought that I'd share two of my most favourite ones; The Wedding Date and Love Actually. If you've never watched these movies then what are you doing? Have you been living under a rock? Anyway The Wedding Date is kind of self explanatory but has a massive twist of how this date comes to be. Love Actually is one of my favourite Christmas movies of all time but I feel as if it's acceptable to watch it all year round, just me? Anyway it's basically an amazing group of actors whose stories are all interwoven with each other's in one way or another.
Now onto my one true loves movies. Leonardo DiCaprio has always and will always hold a special place in my heart so this would not be a truthful blog post if I didn't include him in it so Leo here's the little corner of my blog for you. Both of my favourite movies by him are book to movie adaptations; The Great Gatsby and Romeo & Juliet. I think I love them so much not only because Leo's in them but also because of the way they're filmed seeing as they're from the same director; Baz Luhrman. So Mr Luhrman you can have another corner of my blog along with Leo. I might need a few more corners to give to people.....

Last but most definitely not least is probably my favourite movie series EVER. Whether you like it or loathe it I will forever be there to love the Twilight Saga. The Twilight books were the first YA Novels that really got me into reading and the movies really got me into book to movie adaptations. Not only do I love Robert Pattinson but these movies are the movies that I can turn on and be filled with so much nostalgia because not only did I love the movies but I also made some great friends out of reading and watching the saga unfold. I think that what I loved about them was I watched them before I read the books so whilst I was watching them I had no idea what was coming next whereas now I could probably speak the movie backwards, that's how much of a hard core fan I am of these movies. I think my favourite ones have to be Twilight, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn Part 1. It's not that I didn't love the other two but New Moon didn't have enough Edward for me (#TeamEdward all the way, haha) and Breaking Dawn Part 2 makes me sad because that's the one when it all came to a close.

So that's it, you're finally free to gallivant round knowing my favourite movies after reading what feels like the longest blog post ever haha. I hope you enjoyed this blog post, I really loved writing it. Are any of these movies your favourites? If not what are some of your favourites? I'd love to know!

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  1. Loved this post! You should definitely do more movie posts I find them really interesting! I love Disney but I am much more a Pixar girl! I also love the great Gatsby! But my favourite all time movies would have to be Harry Potter x