Sunday, 13 March 2016

Instagram Diary | January + February

So as you all know I went M.I.A. at the end of January and the start of February therefore there was no Instagram diary so I thought that today I'd share with you all the Instagram posts that I uploaded throughout January and February. If you want to see these photos as they're uploading then go follow me on Instagram, here's my link - @chloe_marie.x. So let's get into it!


 can't decide how i feel about this photo, think it's the quality of it •

// train journeys with good music //

| i don't know where he's gone but i can sure as hell say that where he's gone isn't boring, rip to a true legend |

▶ follow the track + follow your dreams ◀

// always mr rickman, always. rip a true legend who has gone too soon. //

// and the award to the comfiest bed goes to... // (@lauren.bird_98)

@crazyinlife_ not quite as impressive as your snow but it still snowed and I absolutely love it!!

| i could live in sleep shirts |

// will the english ever end??? //

| i could look up at the sky all day long + not get bored |

| look so ill in this but i promise that i was perfectly healthy |

// love my media girls even if we all look mental and esther wouldn't get in the photo // (@essiebessie55@julia_orchovska, @kittyloulou2000@ailsa.bell + @ameliamoo.x)


| meal out + cinema with my girls | (@ailsa.bell@ameliamoo.x + @emilymbaker)

| bella italia with my girls last night, i could live off italian food | (@bellaitaliarestaurants@ameliamoo.x + @ailsa.bell)

// bumped into my favourite student // (@lowecorp)

| from last night, once a woman always a woman. so glad i grew a pair, went out on stage and sang solo lines. much respect for everyone in the musical, i love you all and will miss you like crazy, i'm getting emotional writing this |

• with my little woman and everyone's favourite photobomber • (@gabriella__dawson + @lowecorp)

| my sister from another mister. you know how much i love you and i know i told you through tears last night that i'm so grateful for all you've helped me through over the whole year basically. you were an amazing eponine and i'm so proud of you, don't forget i'll always be there to watch you perform, love you unreal amounts | (@cora.jasmin)

this is just my life....

// get on all fours, kiss this dead girl walking //

▪ even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise ▪

| 'cause when the sun sets baby on the avenue, I get that drunk sex feeling yeah, when I'm with you |

// movie day with the faves //

| had an absolutely fabulous time this weekend with this lot and everyone else who came to ellie's party | (@luciee_anne@lauren.bird_98 + @ellie_murphy12)

| so glad that i don't have to put uniform on for a week🎉 |

// so we'll piss off the neighbours in the place that feels the tears, the place to lose your fears //

| and through the use of one filter i felt like a disney princess |

// wow, such a classy mirror selfie, better picture of my outfit for tonight later on hopefully //

// i don't understand how i've gone most of high school without knowing this girl, love you zo😘 // (@zoepaigeex)

// i recognise that my thighs are the size of tree trunks in this but i really couldn't care less //

// happy 16th birthday to this girl over here, hope you've had a fantastic day!! what an absolute throwback this picture is. p.s. i have got a card for you, it's in my bedroom // (@samanthajane_15)

| trying to make my dress look sassy af in a toilet mirror |

// thank you to everyone for my lovely birthday messages, cards and presents. i've had the most amazing day, this has been the best birthday by far!! just a massive, massive thank you!! love you all!!😘💗 //

| upon turning sixteen scratch cards are a must |

• brows look fleeky as •

// revision day //

// tonight is the night, i can feel it in my bones. that Oscar's finally in sight #goodluckleo #oscarforleo // (@leonardodicaprio)

// that man deserves that Oscar more than any actor whose ever been nominated. looking at this photo makes me emotional. congratulations leo!! #oscars #leosbignight // (@leonardodicaprio)

| nando's got way too cheeky last night so much we went to frankie + bennie's for dessert. love all these girls unreal amounts, thank you for my unofficial birthday meal | (@ailsa.bell@zoepaigeex@its_the_ginger_one4@ameliamoo.x + @emilymbaker)

Well that felt like it took forever, didn't it? I hope you enjoyed seeing all the photos that I uploaded on Instagram. Don't forget to follow me; you might get a cheeky follow back!

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