Sunday, 27 March 2016

The Spring Tag.

Happy Easter everyone, I hope you're having a fabulous day and you've eaten your body weight in chocolate. I thought to celebrate Easter on my blog I thought I'd do the Spring Tag which I was recently tagged in by Marianna from Crazy In Life. Thank you for the tag Marianna, let's get on with this!

Favourite spring nail polish?
Up until last year the only colour I would wear on my nails was black, yes I went through that stage as a teenager. Anyway, I made a promise to myself at the start of 2015 that I would hardly ever wear black nail polish and no word of a lie I haven't worn black nail polish since. I much prefer the bright colours to pastel colours in Spring. I always find that pastel nail polish colours make my hands look blue, weird I know. Anyway, I love wearing bright pinks or blues or purples throughout Spring and very much into Summer.

What is your must-have lip colour this spring?
I've got no clue what it's called because it came in a Soap & Glory makeup set for my birthday two years ago. I literally love the colour. It's kind of a mix between a pink and nude colour, it's definitely a your lips but better sort of shade. It's gorgeous and extremely easy to wear with any outfit, to any occasion - I sometimes even wear it to school! I definitely recommend that you check out any of the Soap & Glory makeup products because they're all amazing!

Show us your favourite spring dress!
Funny story, I don't own a single casual dress for Spring. Crazy right? I should probably pick one up if I'm all that honest. Do any of you have any recommendations for stores that do nice casual Spring dresses? Let me know in the comments below!

What's your favourite flower?
Peonies, babies breath and roses. I just think that they're so beautiful and gahh just thinking about them makes me want to go and buy them. They're just so beautiful, simple as.

Favourite spring scarf/accessory?
I'm not an accessories gal if I'm all that honest. I do however love wearing earrings but not overly massive ones. My mum bought me a pair of earrings for my birthday which I love and haven't stopped wearing them. I'm not quite sure where they were from but they're just so gorgeous. 

Favourite spring candle?
I never get to pick candles in my house but I love the candles that my mum chooses to burn. She always picks floral ones to burn in the Spring and they always smell amazing! I never know which scents she burns but she always chooses Yankee Candle candles any time of the year really, they're very strong in scent and make the whole house smell delicious!

Favourite body spray/perfume for spring?
I recently received a Victoria Secret spray for my birthday in the scent 'Love Spell.' It smells so fruity and sweet, I'm almost afraid that I'm going to use it up so quickly that it won't last me very long at all.

What is spring like where you live?
Spring in England can vary a lot. I mean one minute it can be bright sunshine then the next it can be pouring it down. As I write this the weather isn't too bad, it's not the sunniest of days but it isn't tipping it down with rain. The weather can be very temperamental in Britain especially in England. What's the weather like in other places in the world?

What's your favourite thing about spring?
Most definitely the flowers. I seriously love them so much as you can probably tell from my lack of words to the what's your favourite flower question. I love the colours and the brightness of them all. 

Are you a spring cleaner?
Actually I'm not, I'm more of a winter cleaner. Is that even a thing? I always prefer to have a good tidy before Christmas to make room for presents so there's never really a reason for me to do a big clean in spring as well. Are you a spring cleaner or a winter cleaner like me? I'd really love to know!

Any plans for spring break or an upcoming vacation?
No. Instead I have a serious pile of revision to do. I start my exams in just under two months and they'll last for a month so for the next three months I will basically have no social life at all. I'm sure that all of you who are currently in Year 11 are stressing about exams feel the same way as I do but I know that doing nothing social now will pay off in a few months.

So that's that, all my Spring related questions and answers. Thank you again Marianna for tagging me in this again. I've decided to tag all of you reading this with a blog to answer these questions, I'd love to know the answers! So go, go, go and don't forget to tweet me with your answers!

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