Sunday, 10 July 2016

Instagram Diary | June

June might have just been one of my favourite months to Instagram, if you've read my previous blog posts you might have an idea as to why but if not you should figure it out by the end of this blog post. There were a lot of Instagram photos posted in June so let's not prolong the inevitable any longer and get straight into this blog post.

| that moment when it looks like my eyes are closed but they actually weren't |

// one thing, two do, three words, four you... //

// "revision" with these two today was great // (@sharp.kelsey + @essiebessie55)

| there will never be enough words to describe your brilliance but you were the greatest #ripmuhammad |

// literally had the best time ever yesterday with this girl, love her so freaking much😘💕 #fakefestival // (@cora.jasmin)

// the art of procrastination: taking overly posed selfies //

| happy#NationalBestFriendDay to these gremlins, don't know what i'd do without you | (@ailsa.bell@its_the_ginger_one4@zoepaigeex@ameliamoo.x + @emilymbaker)

// using the hoe filter because you know😉 //

| blurry af but take me back to last week at fake festival with my fave | (@cora.jasmin)

// love is love, no matter who it's between #prayfororlanda //

// raindrops keep falling on my head //

| update: wearing french braids. never have to wear this uniform again. exams over. |

// real late night bantz with two of my favourite people in the world, lotta love💞 // (@lauren.bird_98 + @_aimeebird_)

| couldn't imagine having a better group of girls to go to prom with last night, love you💞 | (@ailsa.bell@ameliamoo.x@its_the_ginger_one4 + @emilymbaker)

// wish i could redo friday all over again // @ameliamoo.x@pagejack00 + @ailsa.bell)


// lotta love for this boy, even though we've been through a lot together he's been there for me through thick + thin #prom2016 //

So we had some sad times during June but we also had some pretty fricking awesome times in June as well. I hope you've ejoyed reminiscing with me over the month of June with me through my Instagram posts. To keep up with my Instagram's you can find my link on my blog. Until next time loves!

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