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PROM | The Experience

Friday, June 24th 2016.

The big day of every high schoolers life. All we've waited for for five years. Yes ladies and gentlemen, I went to prom. I spent the whole day getting pampered and prepping for prom and then partied the night away with some of the people I cherish most in life. Today, I thought I'd share with you the experience I had with prom, what happened throughout the day and so on. So without further ado, let's get into it.

So if you've kept up with my 'Prom Talk' blog posts, which you can read here and here, you'll know the basics about my dress and the rest of my ensemble. There was one thing that I left a secret and that was the colour of my dress so unless you're following me on social media then here is the big reveal of my prom dress....

There it is, the dress that I love oh so much and do wish that I could wear all the time. So it was a royal blue, strapless, chiffon dress with a rouched bust and a strip of beading around the top of the bust. I'm so happy that I picked this dress to wear to prom, it was comfortable and flowy (which was great for windy photos) and it was so easy to dance in, after I had taken my heels off.

Starting off with the day I woke up around nine o'clock and did all the necessary bits I had to do i.e. eat breakfast, shave, get dressed etc. A few tips that I do have if you haven't had your prom year for what to wear throughout the day before you get in your dress; if you're wearing a short dress, don't wear jeans (they great lines down your legs at the seams), wear a button up shirt so it's easier to take off when get dressed and you won't ruin your hair/makeup when pulling a shirt over your head, wear slip on shoes, you don't want converse lace marks on your feet and lastly wear something comfortable, you don't want to be sat having your hair and makeup done feeling really uncomfortable. Anyway, so just before my mum and I left the house I had to put my contacts in...It's not that I hate wearing contacts, it's that I hate having to put them in because it takes so long to put them in but on prom day the contact gods were on my side and I got both contacts in first time.

My mum took me out for lunch at Frankie & Bennie's because I wasn't so sure how the food was going to taste at prom so I wanted to have eaten something substantial. I'm quite glad that I did as well because even though I'd said I had 'special dietary requirements' (I'm actually just fussy) the main course wasn't very nice, my starter of garlic bread and dessert of vanilla ice cream were very nice though. It's not that the food was awful, it just didn't taste as good as it could of and there wasn't a lot of it, I mean we had a chicken breast with a potato dauphinoise, three bits of carrot and three bits of courgette.

After lunch I went to a beauty salon close by to have my hair and makeup done. After slightly altering my makeup by blending my foundation and bronzer a bit more because they were a bit too much for me I absolutely loved my hair and makeup. My makeup was quite dewy with glittery eyes and then I had my hair partly done in a braid and then all put up in the back. I also had some twist in diamantes put in my hair as well. I was so glad that I didn't try and do my hair or makeup myself either because I feel as if I would've been too stressed otherwise. I have two pieces of advice for y'all if you're having your hair and/or makeup done professionally definitely have some photos to hand for inspiration to give the makeup artist/hairdresser. Also, be ready to do some serious blending; the only issue I had with my makeup is that it hadn't quite been blended into my neck properly so when I got home I did some serious blending.

Then I zipped up my dress, slipped on my shoes, packed my clutch bag and was off to one of my best friends house for pictures and to get the car to prom. Don't worry about not seeing too many photos there'll be a whole other blog post full of photos from prom so be patient my young grasshoppers. I had an absolutely amazing prom experience full of good music, good dancing and definitely some good people so if you're worried about prom or don't really want to go definitely go because it was one of the best nights ever and if I could redo it all over again I would.

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