Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Instagram Diary | July

Hello. Hi. How you doin'? I'm here with an almost month late blog post. Today's post, if you couldn't tell from the massive photo above me, is my July Instagram Diary. July was a very selfie heavy month so without further ado let's get into this blog post but not before of self promo. If you're not following me on Instagram you definitely should be; here's my link @chloe_marie.x

// great couple of days at sixth form induction with these #group5goals //

| love a good old american diner |

// flower gleam and glow //

// love a dirty mirror selfie //

| this was just over a month ago, take me back... | (@cora.jasmin)

// baths will always be my first love //

// no matter how stupid i look in this i will forever love this child unreal amounts // (@_aimeebird_)

| throwback to new years + my now deceased playsuit, you are missed |

FOUR WORDS: THIS NEEDS TO STOP. 🙏🇫🇷🙏 #PrayForNice#NiceAttack #PrayForTheWorld#PrayForHumanity

// still undecided about this photo //

| 📷chosen by@lauren.bird_98 |

// outfit assured by@keiragresty //

// So the time has come joshua to say goodbye. Good luck in oxford, you're going to do amazingly well! You've never failed to make me laugh even if I'm not in the best of moods or the situation doesn't call for it. I feel as if you're my younger (taller) brother so I couldn't possibly let you get away without me embarrassing you with some of my personal favourite photos I've captured over the many years of knowing you. I'll miss you like crazy, love you!😓💖 // (@lowecorp)

| i could definitely live in weather like this |

// tb to when i had to do that school thing //

So there it is, my well overdue Instagram Diary for July. There probably won't be one for August because of my phone issue but we'll see. Oh wait, you don't know my phone issue, basically the phone that you see in all these mirror selfies broke and now I have to use a crappy one because my phone company won't help me with the issue at all even though I didn't do anything to break the phone, it literally just wouldn't turn on with a full charge! I even bought a new battery to see if that was the issue...it was not. Anyway, until next time!!

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  1. It sounds like you've been up to lots of lovely things and I love your feed! x
    Kate// katerosexo1.blogspot.com