Monday, 15 August 2016

My High School Experience.

Five years. 247 weeks. 1,726 days.

That's it. That was high school. In the past couple of months I've really been able to reflect on high school and my experience of the whole ordeal. I thought today I'd create a very large blog post instead of lots of little ones of advice, tips, experiences etc. about high school in order to try and depart some wisdom on all of you whether you're in high school or are starting high school. So let's together dive into five years of trials, tribulations and triumphs of high school.

My high school experience was definitely no walk in the park. It definitely wasn't anything like High School Musical or The Breakfast Club, I mean there definitely were not any Zac Efron's or Judd Nelson's. I've split my high school experience advice into three topics; love, friendship and education because I feel as if they were the three topics that popped into my head whilst thinking about high school.

Learning About Love.
Love is a many splendored thing. Love lifts us up where we belong. All you need is love. If you know where that quotes from 10 Blogging Points to you haha. Anyway, I'm not claiming to be an expert on love but during my five years at high school I have been in two official relationships, one for six months in Year & and one in Year 8 & 9 (yes, I dated the same guy twice). Technically I was almost in three relationships but that's a very confusing thing to get into. So I remember thinking that the first guy I dated I loved and was going to marry him, it was far from it. I think the reason I thought this was because I'd really liked him since he'd come to my primary school in Year 3 and it was just an inevitable thing that we were going to date. What I think everyone should learn from their first relationship really is that you're probably not madly in love with the person you're dating, you just think you are because it's your first relationship. I also think that I've learnt that you shouldn't enter a relationship because everyone else thinks you should but because you want to otherwise you're just lying to the person you're with about liking them. My final piece of advice about love is that don't think that because you're not in a relationship and your friends are don't think you're not worth it because you are, lots of people aren't in relationship in high school so don't think you're alone in it. Boys really aren't worth it at the end of the day to be honest.

Friend Or Foe?
Making the leap from primary school to high school can really teach you about who your real friends are. Personally friendship for me was a real issue throughout high school. In Year 7, 8 and 9 I was in a different form to my main friendship group and I genuinely found it extremely hard to adjust to not being with them every single hour of the school day. I found it that hard that difficult that I tried to fit in with a group of girls that were in my form. It was awful. All I can say about that is that if you want to be friends with people who aren't really in your form or classes then make the effort because it'll be worth it. Towards the end of my school experience so from the middle of Year 10 until the middle of Year 11 I was quite badly injured with ligament damage in my ankle; I was on crutches, I couldn't get up to our science building, I had to go to numerous physio sessions and nothing was getting better. It got to the point where people who I thought were my friends were apparently talking badly about me behind my back. This was really hard for me to deal with if I'm all that honest, I was sad all the time and most days I'd come home from school and cry about it. Whether the things said were true or not it really taught me something, be careful who you share private information and secrets with because if I the things that were said about me were true I wouldn't have told some people the things I did. 

Party Animal Or GCSE Extraordinaire?
So the final element of advice that I'm going to give you is actually what we go to school for; the education. Over the past five years I feel as if I've really found the correct balance between having a social life and a good education. I wasn't the most popular person in school but there were always extracurricular events that I wanted to be involved in which definitely ate into revision time like the school musical. I really had to home in on what I felt was most important which sometimes meant not being able to do things that I really wanted to do. One thing that I found not from personal experience but from over hearing it was that partying and GCSE's do not mix well. There were people in my year who's grades would suffer because they went to too many parties. I guess my advice here is to really take into account just how important your grades are, I mean thy'll probably be plenty of parties during the Summer so why take the chance with your grades? I'm not saying that you can't go to parties but definitely prioritise. It's all about what your main priority is.

I think that's about it to be completely honest. What are your pieces of high school advice? Let's start a discussion; leave your most important piece of advice that you'd give to high school you now if you had the chance.


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