Saturday, 31 December 2016


So here we are, we’re almost at the end of another year and as 2016 draws to a close I always look at this time as a time of reflection. This year has created a lot of milestones, both personally and publically, along with both good and bad. However, whether it be good or bad things have changed and hopefully for the better.

I’m currently sat in my Sixth Form Common Room listening to Sinéad O’Connor’s version of Silent Night as I write this opening paragraph for my last blog post of 2016 for you all and I’ve realised just how far I’ve come as a person. A lot of things have changed since I wrote a similar blog post to this last year and I’m really grateful for those things. I went to a Fake Festival and absolutely loved it, I was introduced to the weird world of Rocky Horror and realised my inner freak, I finished my GCSEs, I passed my GCSEs, I went to school without makeup on for the first time in four years, I moved schools, I started A Levels, I made a whole new group of friends, I went to my first party, I went to my second party, my love for Leonardo DiCaprio grew, I started looking at universities and found what I really love to do, and I genuinely think I found myself which is cliché but extremely true.

As I do every year I like to think of and find out about all the positive things that have happened throughout the year so I can leave the year on the highest of highs possible. I’ve realised that over the years that I’ve been doing these yearly summaries that I really loved them, I feel as if the media really highlights everything bad happening in the world today and I really think we need to celebrate all the good things happening. I think the world needs a bit more positivity in it, don’t you think? So here we go, 2016’s highlights…
  • The tiger, manatee and panda population has increased
  • After a 1.7 billion-mile, five-year journey NASA's Juno spacecraft entered Jupiter's orbit on July 4th
  • Two years after millions of people dumped ice water on their heads to raise money, the gene that's linked to ALS was found meaning we're one step closer to eliminating it
  • The football team Leicester City shocked everyone by winning the Premier League for the first time ever
  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil became the first South American country to host the Olympic Games since its beginnings in 1896
  • After the tragic Orlando Pulse shooting, The Orlando Shakespeare Festival showed up with angel wings to block funeral-goers view from anti-gay protests
  • An Afghan teacher delivered books via bicycle to villages that lack schools
  • The first woman was placed on an American bill, Harriet Tubman
  • 200 strangers attended the funeral of a homeless WWII veteran with no family
  • New chemotherapy breakthroughs have increased the five-year survival for pancreatic cancer from 16% to 27%, and it's getting better
  • Child mortality has decreased everywhere
  • Pakistan has made progress in outlawing honour killings
  • Volunteers in India planted fifty-million trees in 24 hours
  • Five-hundred elephants were relocated to a better, safer and bigger home
  • Massive strides have been made in Alzheimer's prevention
  • The ozone layer is repairing itself and all the work we've done to get rid of aerosol chemicals has actually been worth it
  • We may have cured MS
  • Two brothers saw colour for the first time thanks to specially-designed glasses
  • A bank firm paid tuition for the children of employees who died in the 9/11 attacks
  • A four-year-old befriended a lonely man and helped him heal after losing his wife
  • A father gave out candy on a flight so his little girl could a Trick or a Treat on Halloween
  • After an extremely long wait, Finding Dory was FINALLY released and it was amazing
We did a lot as a population in 2016, didn't we? There were setbacks this year, I know that as much as the next person. There may be a racist, sexist, bigoted idiot about to step up to take charge of America. We lost a lot of amazing, influential people such as David Bowie, Gene Wilder, Carrie Fisher, Anton Yelchin, Muhammad Ali, Prince, George Michael, Victoria Wood, Christina Grimmie, Liz Smith, Ronnie Corbett, Sir Terry Wogan and Alan Rickman, along with a long list of others. The LGBTQ+ Community and the world was shaken after the Orlando Pulse shooting. Britain left the EU. There were and are too many shocking events to list in one blog post. However, no matter how many shocking, unbelievable, negative events happen it doesn't change all the amazing, spectacular things that we're able to do. No matter how bad everything seems I'm always amazed to see what we as humans have done, that's why I love to come back to these posts every year because it reminds me of just how mind blowing the human race is.

As this year draws to a close I've realised just how grateful I am for this year as a whole, I've had personal trials and tribulations to deal with along with the trials and tribulations that the public have had to face together but I've also made a lot of great memories and had some amazing experiences that I genuinely don't think I'd change for the world. I feel as if this year has really taught me that no matter how bad things get that there is always, ALWAYS something happening that makes everything seem a lot better no matter how little that good thing is.

I want to wish you all a Happy New Year, I hope that this year has brought you all you wanted and that the year to come will be bring you everything you hope because you are all absolutely amazing and deserve it. I want to thank you all also for sticking with my blog, I know that this year - especially towards the end of the year - my blog hasn't been what it used to but I promise that within this next year I really want to achieve something with my blog and I hope that all I want to happen with it will happen. Without you reading and commenting I really wouldn't have had my confidence reinstalled to believe that my blog can become what it used to but better. Just a massive thank you to every single one of you.


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