Saturday, 14 January 2017

2017 GOALS.

New Year Resolutions; a promise that you make to yourself to start doing something good or stop doing something bad on the first day of the year. New Year Resolutions; a promise that gets kept for about a month and a half before falling off the bandwagon and completely giving up on the whole idea. I have been a great believer in New Years Resolutions but it seems that I have a tradition to uphold where I fail miserably at them. This year I've decided that instead of making resolutions that I will inevitably fail at that I'm going to set five personal goals that I think are relatively easy, or at least should be, to complete. Some of them might seem less important than others but they're all quite important for me to try and achieve this year.

A Year Of Self Love.
Definitely not what you think this is. So basically what this means is that I'm going to take my people pleasing, selfless ass and become an absolute boss ass bitch doing whatever the hell I want. Okay, that sounded a bit full on but you all get what I mean, right? If you don't what I basically mean is that I'm going to stop trying to do what other people want me to do and actually do what I want to do, no matter whether I have people's approval or not. If that means buying a dress that not everyone loves or going on an unplanned trip without telling everyone then I'm going to do it. I think self-care is something, possibly the main thing, that I really want to focus on this year. I always feel like I slightly neglect myself for others and that's not an okay thing, I mean I found that out last year definitely and I'm done with it so a year of self-love it is.

Get Outside.
I spend 90% of my life on the Internet. Even as I write this blog post I'm on the Internet. Whether it be for school or leisure I always seem to be on the Internet which probably isn't the best thing ever. If you saw my blog post a couple of weeks back entitled "A WALK INTO WINTER" then you'll know that I went for a walk in the park to take some photos for my little sister's Art GCSE and it then turned into a photo shoot for my blog. Anyway, I genuinely loved that day so much just for the simple fact that I got out the house and had no Internet to bother me. This year whether it be having a walk in the park, or having a fun day out with friends I want to get outside more and document it even if I don't upload it anywhere.

Get The Cat Down To A Tee.
This might sound like one of the strangest goals ever but trust me it makes sense. Just sit back and let me explain. As you all probably know, I'm a fan of makeup but one thing that I've been unable to do forever which I've always wanted to do is to do a winged eyeliner or just eyeliner in general. I've mastered the waterline and tight line when doing eyeliner put I just can't for the life of me do winged eyeliner. This year, after receiving some tips off of my best friend, I am determined to ace the cat eye without any trouble. How hard can it be right? *laughs nervously*

Pass My Driving Test.
I turn 17 in a month and two weeks which kind of terrifies me because soon I'm going to have to start doing adult things like look at universities. However, there's one thing that I want to really do this year which is slightly adult-ish and that's learning to drive and pass my driving test. I'm hoping to pass first time if all goes to plan. I'm quite an independent person and if I'm able to drive I think that'll just really help me feel like I can actually do stuff for myself. Is that how everyone feels when they pass their driving test? Yes? No? Who knows? But anyone that's one of my main goals for this year, so hopefully it'll work out.

Don't Promise To Work Out.
So I feel as if this might seem like a bit of an odd goal to achieve in 2017 seeing as at the start of a new year nearly everyone says that their New Year Resolution is to lose weight. I make this resolution every single year and I fail every single year so instead this year I've set the goal that I'm not going to focus on losing weight and I'm not particularly going to watch what I eat. If I want to order in a Domino's then I'm going to order in a Domino's and I'm not going to hate myself for it.

There they are, my five goals instead of resolutions for 2017. What I want to know from all of you is whether you set resolutions and then fail miserably or do you set goals like I have this year? If you make resolutions or goals what are they this year? I always find it really interesting to see what other people have set as their resolutions or goals for the year. I love you all and together let's kick 2017's ass, to make it the BEST YEAR EVER!

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  1. Self love is something I'm determined to stick to in 2017, it's about time I appreciate myself as much as I do others. Good luck with passing your driving test too! x