Sunday, 9 July 2017


We're just over six months in. Even writing that is mind boggling to me. I mean it's been six months since I stood in my living room with my mum and my two sisters eagerly counting down the remaining ten seconds of 2016, anticipating the year that was ahead of us. At the start of a new year like many other people I like to make a set of 'resolutions' of sorts, however, this year I decided to call them goals and not make it my every waking moments task to complete these. If I did them, I did them and that was an accomplishment but if I didn't do them that wasn't to make me feel like a failure. I thought that today, seeing as we're half way through the year that I would do a little review on how I'm doing with all the goals that I set myself in January.

A Year Of Self Love.
I've found this one so difficult I almost scrapped it from my 2017 goals completely. Self-love was something that I was really intrigued by last year, and something that I was really focused on when January 1st came around. However, my life kind of fell to shit in the last couple of months, that's partly why I haven't been blogging, and I just felt so awful about myself that I knew that this wasn't how it was supposed to feel when try to complete a year of self-love. We’ve got just under six months left of this year, which I will be glad to see the back of but that doesn’t mean that I can’t still try out my self-love experiment. Here’s hoping.
Get Outside.
Mud has probably been spread over every single pair of shoes that I own now. Throughout the year so far me and my little sister have gone out a lot with my dad to various places within the National Forest and Calke Abbey, along with lots of other places, which means lots and lots of walking. At first I thought I was going to absolutely loathe this, however, these days have sometimes turned out to be some of the best days with picking up a meal deal from Tesco’s as well as way too many sweets, taking lots of pretty pictures and laughing until tears are streaming down our faces. I’ve really enjoyed taking really long walks with some of my favourite people, I hope to continue this with the summer holidays just around the corner.

Get The Cat Down To A Tee.
I have done rather well at this goal so far. As you all know if you read my original blog post about my 2017 goals, I couldn’t do cat flick eyeliner for the life of me, however, I am glad to report that slowly we’re getting there. It’s still a rather thick line at the moment. Personally, I quite like that look but I know that there’s definite room for improvement. To all of you pro’s out there what are some of your tips for the liner amateurs out there? The sooner I can get the flick down to a tee the better, then I can slay all day long.

Pass My Driving Test.
Sadly, this goal has been put on pause indefinitely. Not only are driving lessons CRAZY EXPENSIVE but there’s also been a lot going on in my personal life which has taken over absolutely everything in my life. I just think that it’s not worth the stress right now, I mean I’m not going to be able to drive straight away once I pass because I can’t afford a car. Maybe I’ll learn next year or during the summer of my first year of university. Who knows? Just right now it’s not one of my main priorities.

Don't Promise To Work Out.
This is a goal that I’ve kind of done a 360 turn on. Working out is something that I loathe, like many of the population, so I decided that working out wouldn’t be one of my priorities this year. Then I fell down the stairs because my hip cracked causing my leg to go out from under me, there was no damage though. To cut a long story short, I’ve been going to physiotherapy for a fair few months now in order to try and work up both the strength in my hips and my core strength. I’ve been going to a couple of exercises classes at the hospital in order to try and do this, so I’ve not been going in order to lose weight but I am noticing a difference along with all the walking I do. I’m still not too fond on the whole running thing yet.

We’ve got a bit of a mixed bag with some goals being much more complete than others, however, I’m not kicking myself for not completing all of them yet – we’ve still got a couple of months to go. Have you kept up the resolutions or goals that you set yourself at the start of the year?

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